How To Make Banana Bread Organic Teething Biscuits

Teething is one of the most uncomfortable experiences that your child will go through. Providing him or her some teething biscuits will definitely easy the pain and at the same time, provide them extra nutrition. One major concern for biscuits is their sugar content as well as the amount of artificial flavorings used so making your biscuits organic ensures that your baby’s help is not compromised with every consumption of the teething biscuits. These are the steps on how to make one on your own at home. For the article below, you should be able to make your own biscuits that are organic and banana flavored.

  • Gathering your ingredients. For this project, you will need ¼ cup of brown sugar, the darker the color the better. You will also need half a cup of oil, 2 medium sized eggs in room temperature, a cup of mashed ripe bananas, 1 ¾ cup of regular flour, 2 tablespoons of baking powder and half a teaspoon of baking soda. You can also try to make these biscuits using mashed pumpkin. Just replace the mashed ripe banana mixture with the mashed pumpkin mixture.
  • Combining all of your ingredients. The first step is for you to combine all of the ingredients listed below until there are no more lumps especially after the addition of the regular flour. Grease your loaf pan with oil or butter. You can also use some baking spray to coat the container. By this time make sure that your oven is being pre-heated to around 350 degrees before you place your combined mixture into the oven.
  • Baking your biscuit. Once fully greased, pour the mixture into your cake pan and bake for around 350 degrees for one hour. This would make your bread be fully set. Once done baking, take out your baking tray and let your biscuit cool completely in a wire rack, if you have any available.
  • Re-baking to make your biscuits. Once you are done with the cooling of the bread, cut your bread into think sticks that your baby can easily hold and munch on. Once cut, bake these sticks in 150 degrees for at least an hour until they appear hard and crunchy. Biscuits mean being twice baked that gives it its crunchy texture.
  • Proper storage of your biscuits. After you have baked and tasted your biscuits, you should know how to properly store them, too. Make sure you have an air tight container reserved for your biscuits so that they will retain its texture. Keep it away from direct sunlight and sources of moisture. For best results, keep them in tin containers or ceramic pots that seal very well. This will keep away the ants and at the same time, protect your biscuits from unwanted moisture, hence extending their shelf life.

When using flour, try to find organic flour or organic oil. You can also find organic bananas nowadays so that the biscuits that you will be making will be as organic as possible. Avoid adding nuts for the babies since this may trigger an unknown allergic reaction as well as they might be too tough for the babies to chew on, especially since they do not have teeth to begin with.


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