How To Make Black Walnut Tincture

If you happen to be involved in the human and animal medicine industry, you will probably accede to the usefulness of black walnuts. Growing abundantly in the American continent but quickly being propagated into Europe, black walnuts come from sturdy trees which can stand as tall as 130 feet.

Black walnut tincture is a mixture of black walnuts and alcohol that is credited for having various medicinal functions like exterminating the parasites inside your intestines, normalizing the functions of the thyroid and curing skin diseases. Recent studies show that it can also hasten loss of weight and can regulate sugar level. With the many benefits you can get from black walnut tinctures, it would be a big advantage if you will learn how to make them on your own. In an instant, you can be a self-made medical person who can attend to your family members when they are affected by selected diseases.

  1. First, have a good amount of black walnuts. In picking the black walnuts that you will particularly use for this procedure, you must follow certain guidelines which will ensure that the result of your procedure will be successful. Choose black walnuts that still bear their green husk. The green husk is the indicator of the walnut's ripeness and freshness. The month of September is the month when they are in full bloom so it would be better if you do this experiment within this period.
  2. Scrape off the black parts of the black walnut. Once you have picked up a good amount of the walnuts, you will need to remove the black spots in it. The green parts of the walnut are the ingredients that will make your tincture work well so you can do away with the black ones.
  3. Prepare the vodka and mix the walnuts with it. You will also need vodka for this procedure. You must have at least one full quart of vodka. Next, get a container and pour ¾ quart of vodka in it. Here is where you will mix the green husks of the walnut. After mixing, enclose the mixture in a container and secure it in a cool area.
  4. Do the soaking procedure. After a few hours, return to the container where you stored the vodka mixture. Immerse the walnuts to this mixture for a few days. The minimum should be three days but you can let it submerged there for as long as three weeks. This will strengthen the effect of the tincture once it is done. Afterwards, you must remove them so that the smell will not linger on the mixture. After removing the walnuts, your black walnut tincture is already done! Transfer this liquid to a different container and make sure that you use only a few drops or as recommended by your attending physician.

In a time when several new diseases are sprouting and causing you to think about too many things, you must also find and learn ways by which you can quell the outbreak of these diseases. As an alternative medicine, black walnut tincture is a viable medicinal option. Learning how to make it is comparable to buying the prescribed medicines. Moreover, it is something handy and usable during emergency cases.


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