How To Make Colon Cleansing Smoothies

Here's good news for those who've experienced the drab, colon cleansing products from Health Food Stores, and Pharmacies.

According to "," and researchers at "Cheerios" ordinary people who do NOT subsist on seeds, and grasses, can eliminate toxins, and nourish their colonic tissues, with over fifteen varieties of smoothies, from healthy ingredients-- ranging from acai berries, pomegranates, and blueberries, to friendly foods like mocha, spiced caramel bananas, yogurt, raspberries, peaches, melon, chocolate soy milk, and even coffee.

Of course, all these recipes are available on-line from this website. To make a smoothie, blender formulations are operative.

These are based on the idea that NUTRIENTS, in these combinations, provide the small intestine, or colon, with minerals and vitamins, needed for health and repair of this essential organ. Bananas, included in most smoothie recipes, contain vitamin B-6. Blue Berries contain antioxidants, and specific detoxifying agents called anthocyanins. These eliminate poisons. All these ingredients are known to protect healthy tissues from day to day oxygen damage.

Recipes presented at this site begin with ten seconds in the blender, at high speed. Some require two cups yogurt, for two servings, which provide a fat-free, low calorie foundation for delightful remedies. This quantity of low-fat yogurt insures a healthy intake base of 15%-20% of required daily Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, and Iron. Another plus benefit, of the smoothies, is that each contains no more than 150-200 calories. Some recipes contain soy milk, as an alternative to yogurt, with about the same nutritional base.

Colon cleansing DOES have its harder edge, however. According to healers, and other health advocates, there are two known healing actions for any organ, or tissue--which are, cleansing, on the one hand, and notifying, or nourishing, on the other. All smoothie recipes do both-- especially when acid fruits, or berries, are included in the mix. However, if illness, or life-style excesses, cause serious colonic impaction-- more radical colonic cleansing remedies are required. These contain grain husks like psyllium, grain fiber laxatives, or diaharretic herbs, and roots, such as burdock, licorice root, and aloes.

Obviously these cleansing regimes are not as much fun as smoothie recipes!

For acute conditions, prepared formulations are available. Some feature reduced urgency, or improved taste, depending on problems addressed. Product names, like Colon-Flow, Sweep, Extra-Cleanse, and Colon-Med, convey the virtues of these. However, if these meet the required level of cleansing, for a particular condition, well, sadly, there is no recipe for a burdock-psyllium smoothie!

But, consumers can be creative. Hence, with the help of a physician, pharmacist, or Health Food Store, it is likely that any commercial item could be blended into a smoothie! Moreover, all these tasty, nutritional, low calorie, smoothie delights, provide some cleansing action; and they maintain colonic health, in the long run.


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