How To Make Healthy Baby Wipes

Your baby's bottom is very sensitive and will easily get irritated by its soiled diapers or by using products like baby wipes which may be laden with chemicals. Those commercially available baby wipes are the culprits, so instead of using them, you may as well use one that is natural, organic and made from your own kitchen.

Healthy Baby Wipes 1

For this, you will need the following materials:

  • a pack of paper towel, cut in half
  • Distilled water, aloe vera gel, natural and organic baby shampoo, lavender oil, calendula oil and tea tree oil
  • a container, which can be sealed
  • an old baby wipes container with the lid still intact

First, you need to combine all of the liquid ingredients together. A large concentration must be that of the distilled water, for which you will need about one a half cups for. All the rest are usually just about a drop or two or at least three tablespoonfuls. The aloe vera gel should be about half a cup. When you have combined all these ingredients, set this aside in the sealed container and shake it inside thoroughly.

Then, take out the paper towel pack you have cut in half and place this inside the container with the mixture you have just made. Let the towel sit inside this for about 15 minutes, making sure that it absorbs the mixture.

Transfer everything on the old baby wipes container. The lid must still have its special slit on it, so that you can easily pull our organically made baby wipes off it.

Healthy Baby Wipes 2 And 3   

Instead of storing homemade wipes using paper towels in a recycled container, you can actually use a cloth wipe and just spray on the cleaning solution using a bottle spritzer.

For this, there are two types of solution:

  • The first one is to mix two tablespoons of natural baby wash and olive oil with two cups of water.
  • The second one is to mix a fourth of a cup of aloe vera gel with two drops of tea tree oil in two cups of hot water.

Combine the ingredients together and then keep the mixture in a spritzer bottle (a bottle with a nozzle which you can spray on). If you need to use it, you can spray a little on a cloth diaper and wipe it on your baby’s bottom.

Cloth wipes are actually better and easier to use than paper wipes, as they can also be washable and are less messy. Plus they are also a lot smoother on the skin of the baby.

With this, you are done and you now have a naturally made baby wipe you are sure contains healthy concentrations of ingredients. You can make as many of any of these solutions for stock. You can also place this in little containers, which you can carry anywhere, for use at anytime, especially during your travels with the baby.


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