How To Make Herbal Medicine Tea

Herbal medicines have been around since the early days, and have been a beneficial alternative medicine all over the world. Traditional Chinese medicines have been used as supplements to treat ailments or symptoms of ailments. Many of these medicines have been administered through herbal teas.

  1. Search for combinations of herbs. There are so many tea leaves or dried herbs that you can use that you can make either a pure type of tea, or a combination of about two or three. You have to be sure of the properties of each herb that you plan to use because each will have a different effect on the body. There are some herbs that can only be best enjoyed as an aromatic drink, but medicinal herbs are used more for their medicinal properties. If much of the scent has come out while boiling, it means that most of the medicinal properties of the herb have already evaporated.
  2. There are different ways to make the tea. The boiled water must only be poured over the tealeaves in a teapot, which is preferably porcelain or any other type of pot that is not made of metal. Metal can drastically change the taste and health benefits of your tea. As soon as the boiling water is poured over the herbs, you have to close the lid of your teapot to prevent most of the steam from escaping. The steam contains most of the essential medicinal properties so make sure to cover it firmly and long enough for the water to seep in the herbs and to bring out its full potential. There are actually two ways to make medicinal tea. You can either make an infusion, as stated above, or by making a decoction, where you have to boil the leaves in water. There are some herbs that require this procedure to bring out their medicinal properties.
  3. See what ratio of herbs to water works best. For some, you need a ratio of 3 tablespoons of fresh herbs and one and a half tablespoons of dried herbs for one cup of tea. But this actually depends on how strong you want your tea to be. If it's only a mild type that you want, you can put less tea leaves into the water. And if you want a stronger brew, add more than what you would normally put into the mixture. There is no exact science for this, so you can experiment for yourself to see what ratio works best for your purpose.
  4. Medicinal tea has a short life span. You should only make tea that you can consume in a day. Some herbs can ferment easily and may cause stomachaches or other complications if you are not careful. The more fresh your ingredients and your tea are, the better it can give its medicinal properties at the given time that it is needed. More often than not, the taste of the tea becomes dull if kept stagnant for too long in the pot. So make sure to store your dried leaves in cool and dry places and to take care of your small potted herbs if you have them inside the home.

Natural remedies have been around for so long that they practically have treatments for every type of ailment. It can help stimulate the liver or any type of liver problems, pain acne, depression, digestion problems and many other ailments. But like most medicines, it must be taken in moderation and with a healthy diet.


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