How To Make Homemade Acne Cream

At the onset of puberty and towards adulthood, every person has suffered through the discomfort of having acne. The cause may be hormonal imbalance or the environment. Proper diet or proper grooming and cleansing usually treat these. But for some cases, the use of acne creams may be necessary.

The problem with these creams though, is that while they are effective at treating acne, they can be harmful to the face's delicate skin.  They can also be very expensive. Thus, going with a homemade acne cream makes better sense as it can be an acne-buster but, at the same time, completely safe for your facial skin. Using homemade acne creams can also be very, very practical.

Look into your refrigerator and kitchen and you will find that some of the most basic ingredients you use for cooking can also be used to treat acne.

  • Lemon, for example, is such a strong cleaning agent. It also helps with very oily skin. Mix this with petroleum jelly, rosewater, plus garlic, and you should have an effective acne cream. Mixing this with plain cinnamon is also a good alternative.
  • The plain oatmeal you love eating for breakfast also makes a good acne-cleaning agent.  Add a little lavender to it, some water, and you can regularly use this to scrub your face and prevent acne from growing back. Use this regularly and you will achieve great results after a couple of weeks.
  • Garlic helps reduce the swelling of your acne. It may smell really bad but it does work magically when you have pimple ripe enough and ready to pop. Instead of pricking it, rubbing garlic will help immobilize the swollen part. You should see its effects immediately.
  • A mixture of egg yolk, baking soda, honey and water should also work wonders. The combination of all these ingredients prevents further pimples, whiteheads and blackheads outbreaks from spreading on to your face.
  • You can also mix baking soda with shreds of cucumber for a handy acne cream. Or if you don’t have cucumber, apple pulp is fine, too.  Leave this on your face for about twenty minutes then wash it off. You should begin to feel your skin stretching and becoming very clean.
  • Honey is that ingredient that gives you a healthy, glowing skin. When you mix this with turmeric and let it stay on your face for ten or so minutes, you should feel it working its way onto your skin.
  • Use beeswax mixed with cocoa butter and a few drops of Vitamin E oil to slowly but surely clear blemishes and scars caused by acne.

The thing to remember the most is that acne can actually be prevented if you maintain a strict regimen and clean your face everyday. Using store bought creams, which may contain harmful chemicals, can cause an imbalance on to your skin if you do your cleansing daily. Sticking with the homemade stuff should be a very beneficial and healthy choice for you.


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