How To Make Homemade Tooth Powder

At a time when even hygiene is dominated by marketing gimmicks, you will realize that there are more practical ways to keep your teeth clean. One of these ways is using a tooth powder that you personally made. Using a few ingredients that can be easily available in a regular household, you can make a safe and affordable tooth powder. This toothpowder can be modified to suit your oral and dental condition.

  1. Prepare the materials and ingredients. The basic things that you will need for making your own tooth powder are one tablespoon of salt, approximately four drops of clove oil (use a dropper to measure this), three tablespoons of baking soda, a mixing spoon and a metal or glass mixing bowl. Do not use a plastic bowl because the scent of the clove oil will stick to it. You can add one tablespoon of vodka, or two drops each of peppermint, oregano, and wintergreen. Finally, prepare a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for rinsing every time you brush.
  2. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in the bowl. Using the mixing spoon, thoroughly mix them altogether, making sure that you distribute the clove oil equally. When clumping happens, press the clumps against the side of the bowl to disintegrate the clumps. When the powdery parts of the baking soda are mixed into the mixture and the mixture becomes a semi dry paste, it is now ready.
  3. Place in an airtight container. Be sure that the container has no holes of any sort in it. This is because exposure of the mixture into the air will ruin it, creating molds. Molds and other kinds of bacteria will make your tooth powder unsuitable for use. Put the container in a cool and dry place. You can also put anti moisture packs inside the container to make it more protected against fungi-inducing moisture.
  4. To use the tooth powder, wet your brush with water and shake off excess. Dip the brush into the mixture, and brush until desired, but do not over-brush. Rinse off with hydrogen peroxide. Do not be alarmed if bubbles are created inside your mouth. This is only an indication that the hydrogen peroxide is killing off the bacteria left in your brushing. After this, rinse off again, this time with water. You can floss your teeth for the optimal protection.

Even before making your tooth powder, it is best for you to know first if your teeth and gums are in a good shape or not. If you have specific oral problems, using the wrong chemicals may aggravate your condition. For example, too much salt is not advisable for those who have mouth cankers.  Therefore, for your own good, consult your dentist first regarding these things.

Homemade tooth powder is a very good and affordable alternative to the expensive dental products out there. Aside from this, you can freely make your own formula that will suit your taste and needs. Save that dollar for your expensive toothpaste and try making your own tooth powder now.


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