How To Make Peppermint Essential Oil

Essential oils are one of the most useful yet one of the most ignored items out today. Because of brand products such as perfumes and all other kinds of oils that already have these items implemented into it, many people tend to ignore the many, many uses of simple essential oils, such as the ability to make your own unique scent for an inexpensive yet very high quality perfume, as well as being used for a therapeutic oil (so long as you know what you are doing). With any type of essential oils in hand, you will be able to find plethora of uses; you only really need to be willing to find out exactly what you can do with it. And for those who do know the many uses of an essential oil and wants to make an even more personal and unique kind of oil, then they can begin with making their own essential oil from scratch. Since these oils are practically the beginning of any kind of process that needs them, creating these essential oils is a very satisfying process and is recommended for anyone who appreciates essential oils. If you are one of those people, then look no further—simply keep reading and follow the step-by-step process provided by this article below on making peppermint essential oil (which is one of the most useful kinds of essential oils):

  • The things you need to make peppermint essential oil. This includes fresh peppermint straight from the plant, a plastic storage bag, a wooden mallet, carrier oil (which can come from either grape seed or wheat germ), paper towels, a glass jar with a lid, a dark glass jar container, and some cheesecloth. Once you have managed to collect or purchase all of these items, the next step is waiting.
  • Wash the leaves and gently release the oils. The first thing you have to do is to wash your peppermint leaves using some nice cool water, after which you need to dry them using the paper towels. Afterward, place the dried leaves inside your plastic storage bag (make sure it has no holes, and seal the storage bag shut with the leaves inside). Then use your mallet and gently (very gently), hit the peppermint leaves that will bruise it and make it release its natural oils.
  • Make use of your glass jar and the carrier oil. Once the leaves have begun releasing oils, remove it from the storage bag and place it inside your glass jar and fill it with some carrier oil. This kind of oil is effective in absorbing the natural oils off anything, and this is no exception. Seal the glass jar and then shake it a little bit, and then allow settling for a day. You can repeat the whole process with this very same concoction to strengthen the essential oil.
  • Remove the leaves and replace the jar. Once you have waited (and repeated) enough, carefully remove the peppermint leaves from the oil and finally, pour the mix into your dark container—sealing it up.

Remember to keep it away from the sun’s rays and there you have it, an essential oil you have made yourself.


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