How To Make Saline Nasal Spray

Who wants to suffer from breathing with a nose that is stuffed up? Sure enough, no one wants to experience this even just for a minute or two. This gave rise to the use of nasal sprays. With just one use, the problem can immediately go away. However, the problem with most nasal sprays today is that they are addictive and expensive.

  • Good thing that there is an alternative to commercial nasal sprays. That is a saline nasal spray. Though this can be purchased in stores widely, you can make one for yourself. Here, follow these steps in making your cheap, safe, and effective saline nasal spray:
  • Gather the things you need in making this nasal spray. Here are the things you must prepare: sea salt, baking soda, water, measuring cup, and nasal spray bottle.
  • Remove the impurities out of the water. Boil water for around 10 minutes just so the impurities will be removed. Also, boiling the water is necessary to help in dissolving the salt later on the process. If you are not comfortable using tap water for this purpose, you can use distilled water instead.
  • Prepare hot water and so as baking soda and sea salt. Get a measuring cup and measure one cup of boiling water. You can use the measuring cup to be the mixing cup of the ingredients of the nasal spray. When you have one cup of boiling water, add one teaspoon each of sea salt and baking soda.
  • Stir the water with the salt and baking soda. Get a spoon to help you stir the water. Do the stirring until such time that the water becomes clear again. The clearness of the water is a good indication that the salt and baking soda are completely dissolved in the water.
  • Let the water solution to cool down. Leave the cup of water solution so it will cool down to room temperature.
  • Pour the nasal spray into your prepared bottle. Get a spray bottle and pour the solution there once it has cooled down. Once done, you can use the nasal spray already to help you in your breathing. The proper dose of this spray is around one to three droplets in each nostril.
  • Store the rest of the saline nasal solution in a good container. If there is a remaining saline nasal solution, pour it into a container or jar with lid. Use this to refill the spray bottle every time there is a need to.
  • Make saline nasal spray with honey. There is another version of this nasal spray but it has the same great and effective properties as that of the first variation. Here, you have to bring eight ounces of water into a gentle boil. Then, add the rest of the ingredients such as baking soda, salt, and honey. The latter is used here for its anti-bacterial properties. Once everything is dissolved, remove the solution from heat, let it cool, pour in a container, and refrigerate the rest.

If you will purchase a bottle of saline nasal spray from stores, you will be priced around four dollars for each bottle. Hence, it is more practical to make your own nasal spray. After all, this saline nasal spray is proven to be very effective and safe in aiding in the difficulty in breathing brought about by stuffed nose due to colds and other nasal problems.


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