How To Make Yoga a Habit

Habits are hard to break, but before they become hard to break, they are usually pretty difficult to establish in the first place. Of the difficult habits to get into, one of the most difficult is the healthy habit of yoga. For plenty of people, taking the time out to do yoga may feel like a waste of time at first. But, here are the ways for you to make a habit out of yoga.

  1. Importance. If you get the creeping feeling in the back of your mind that yoga is time that you can otherwise use for other productive purposes such as finishing your reports and the files that you need to present to work tomorrow, then you should know exactly how important yoga is. Yoga can help you live longer, become healthy, limber, and livelier. By recognizing the importance of yoga, you will be able to prioritize it just like your work, fun time, and family moments.
  2. Timing and schedule. Once you have recognized the importance of yoga, you will also need to work on the timing and schedule of your yoga sessions. Yoga can be done in classes, but it can also be done by yourself. It is best if you start off with classes, since these will make you feel compelled to attend on time. As you begin to set time off for the yoga classes, making a habit out of yoga even whne the yoga course is finished will be easier. Make sure also that you mark out the yoga classes and session in your calendar and planner. Like any other important activity, make sure that the classes will be followed strictly.
  3. Build up. Getting into a habit requires phasing. You cannot simply expect to wake up one day and find that you simply have the habit of going to yoga. You will need to create a time line that progresses until you have finally habitualized yoga completely. You can do this by starting off with two sessions of yoga a month. Then after a month, you can move on to weekly sessions. Afterwards, you can even have yoga sessions on your own every other day. Some people can even set aside fifteen minutes to half an hour of each day for yoga, once the phasing has been completed.
  4. Group support. Another way to boost and motivate you to stay in yoga is group support. This is another advantage with taking yoga classes. You will not only learn techniques from someone who actually knows yoga, but you will also be in the presence of people who practice it. This should give you plenty of motivation to remain in yoga. Group support will also monitor your attendance and give you notes on when you are slipping up and forgetting to get your regular dose of yoga.

Finally, make sure that you reward yourself for being able to set time out for yoga. Just be sure that the rewards are in line with yoga – such as a new mat, or a healthy meal in some health conscious restaurant in town.


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