How To Make Your Own Hemorrhoids Relief Treatment

Hemorrhoids can literally be a pain in the butt. They have been one of the more embarrassing medical inconveniences that people have been reluctant to talk about with their doctors, partners or friends. It is understandably so, since the area affected by hemorrhoids lies in a fairly intimate area.

Hemorrhoids are engorged and seemingly blocked blood vessels that tend to swell up and get inflamed in and around the anus. There are two different types – the internal and external. The ones that are inside (or internal hemorrhoids) are quite painless but can still bleed a lot while those in the outside can be very tender when engorged. They can also be eroded due to straining due to defecation. The breaking of the walls of the blood vessels is never a good thing since this could introduce bacteria into your blood.

There are two well known hemorrhoid relief treatments that have been used in many homes since time immemorial. Here’s how you do them both:

The hot sitz bath. The hot sitz bath is quite a simple concept. It’s all about letting the hot steam from hot water interact with your hemorrhoids from a safe distance. Follow these steps:

  1. Boil water in a pan. Take the pan out of the fire and put it under a plastic chair with slats in the seat.
  2. You may then take a seat on the chair and wrap a cap or a towel around your waist. The idea is to trap the steam. Make sure that you are a good distance away from the pan. The steam is said to relax the blood vessels and in the process making them less engorged and swollen.
  3. Make sure that you don’t use a metal chair for this. Maintain a good distance between your buttocks and the steam. You wouldn’t want to be burned. All you need is the steam.

The anti hemorrhoid cream

  1. You may combine the aloe vera root with a bit of witch hazel to create a good cream. Use a mortar and pestle to reduce the aloe vera to a gooey paste and make the witch hazel easily miscible with the aloe vera reduction.
  2. Put this cream on a cotton pad and apply it to your hemorrhoids as need. You may use it every time you go to the bath room since the straining can cause a bit of a discomfort.
  3. Should you develop any form of itching, rash or irritation with the ointment, discontinue using it. Reports of allergies with these two materials have been rare but it still happens.

Whatever method you use, you could be assured that the inconvenience you are having due to painful hemorrhoids would be reduced a lot. Just pick the method that works for you the best and keep on following up with the doctor. A specialist can always remove the hemorrhoids for you if you want them gone for good.


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