How To Make Your Own Herbal and Anti-Microbial Mouthwash

As unsavory as it sounds, your mouth is literally a zoo and jungle of bacteria and germs. No matter how often you brush your teeth, the remnants of food that remain in between your teeth and gums can serve as the mother lode for germs that want to procreate in your mouth. One way of reducing these tiny critters’ numbers of course is by use of an anti-microbial mouthwash.

While there are many commercially available mouthwash solutions in the markets and groceries, you can always concoct one at home. Whether you’re trying to save money or simply trying to be more self-sufficient and embracing of the natural way, there are various ways that you can create an antimicrobial and herbal mouthwash.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Get clean water. All mouthwashes whether homemade or store bought starts with a clean batch of water. This is where all the infusions are added to make a good mouthwash.
  2. Take an herb that is known for its antibacterial properties and infuse it to the mouthwash. One of the more accessible ones is ginger. It is easily obtainable from just about any vegetable section of any grocery. Just mince it and squeeze all the essence out of the root until it bleeds into the water. You can use a cheese cloth and dunk it into the water for this purpose – similar to how you use a teabag to make tea.
  3. You may also use oils like olive oil to make the mouth alkaline. Swishing oil inside your mouth through your gums and teeth could flush out the unwanted gunk. It would also be good in coating the canker sores and other gum sores that you have. This would reduce further types of infections.
  4. Adding a little bit or myrrh or mint extract can help your breath smell fresh so it would be worth adding to the mix as well. These items are usually sold in apothecary stores and other specialty shops that sell essential oils.
  5. Do not put anything that has a fruity origin. This would suggest that the ingredient has a high sugar content. As you know, sugar can serve as food for the germs that grow in your mouth. Putting a citrus extract for instance may seem to be a good idea in terms of making the mouthwash taste better but it really is something that is counterproductive.
  6. Always spit out mouthwash. The whole idea is to flush out the bacteria and germs from inside your mouth. There are also some essential oils that can be harmful when ingested. Do not fall into the misconception that all organic products are safe to consume.

That is how you create your own mouthwash. It’s quite refreshing to make something your own and customize it according to your preference. If you want it extra strong, just tweak the recipe a bit. You have full control on what the end result would be like.


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