How To Make Your Period Lighter

Women are always uncomfortable during their period. It is even more uncomfortable when it is accompanied by dysmenorrhea. Women who are on their period can skip work or school because of the discomfort that they feel. There is something that you can do to make your period lighter so that you can go on with your daily activities. Follow the tips provided below to know how you can make your period lighter.

  • Exercise regularly. Women who do not exercise regularly are the ones who may experience cramps during their period. However, you should not engage in strenuous exercises since this can also make your period heavier. Some of the exercises that you can do are swimming, Pilates and yoga. It is said that engaging in exercises can help in decreasing the flow during your period.
  • Take vitamins and eat nutritious food. Having a heavy period can be caused by a bad diet and lack of vitamins. To have lighter periods, you must increase your intake of calcium. You can take a glass of milk a day for your daily calcium intake. Another thing that you need is more iron, which you can get from vitamins and by eating iron rich foods such as spinach. Other foods that you can eat are spinach, pineapple and blueberries. Avoid eating food with preservatives.
  • Avoid some things during your period. If you are having a heavy flow, you must ease up on doing activities that require you to move too much. This can contribute to your heavy flow. It is better just to rest or sleep to have a lighter flow. Also, avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol while on your period since this contributes to dehydration. Avoid eating fatty meat and full fat dairy products since these can contribute to the bloated feeling and the stomach cramps.
  • Consult your doctor. If you still have a heavy flow even after trying the tips above, you should consult your doctor about it. The heavy flow may be caused by a medical condition that you may have. This can be the problem especially if the heavy flow is accompanied by severe cramping. The doctor can give you some medicines that you can take to lighten the flow.
  • Change your pads or tampons. Change your pads or tampons every few hours. Doing this will not help in making your period lighter but it will make you feel more comfortable and fresh. This is also important to avoid having infections. Use feminine wash during your period to eliminate bacteria and odor.

These are some of the tips that you can follow if you want to lighten your period. If you have any concerns, you can talk to your doctor about it so that you can solve your problem. Do not self medicate since you can make the problem worse. During your period, remember to drink lots of water to keep yourself from being dehydrated. Avoid getting stressed during your period as this can contribute to the heavy flow.


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