How To Massage Feet and Toes with Ayurvedic Techniques

The use of Ayurvedic technique in massage has proven to provide many benefits for the health. It is said to activate every nerve of the body especially those that are responsible in energizing a person. As oil is liberally applied with the use Ayurvedic technique, the body is both literally and figuratively oiled and lubricated. The oil enables the person administering the massage to slide his hands up and down the skin. On the other hand the slipperiness of the oil somewhat promotes flexibility on the person, much like when a machine performs better when oiled. Ayurvedic technique also heals and soothes tired muscles and strained nerves.

The feet and toes are prime parts of the body that need regular attention during a massage session. To massage feet and toes with Ayurvedic technique, read the following tips:

  • Gather information about Ayurvedic technique in massage therapy. Learn the origin, facts and applications of said method before you actually practice or apply it on anyone. There are many sites on the internet where you can get knowledge about this massage procedure. Know that Ayurveda is a system of alternative medicine in a certain part in India where it is believed that some salient points of the body such as the feet, are related to effective treatment of diseases.
  • Study the body structure of a human being. Get a copy of the detailed sections of the body from Ayurveda sites on the web. With this illustration you will be able to understand the relationships of the different parts and systems of the body. This knowledge will help you point out which body part needs more focus in applying massage. Ayurvedic massage refers to the energy points of a person’s body as marma and the interrelationship of these body parts as they function together is called dosha.
  • Get ready with your massage oils. Make sure the oils contain the necessary ingredients that promote well being on the person, depending on his dosha and marma. To understand a person’s dosha and marma, you should take note of his body type, lifestyle and health problems. For people who are always stressed and irritable, a mild scented oil is good. On the other hand, people who suffer from muscle pains and bone ailments like arthritis, oils containing soothing ingredients such as mint, are recommended.
  • Apply the oil on the feet, starting from the ankle. Rotate your fingers around the ankle as you slide the oil more, allowing it to penetrate the skin. Slide your hands upward up to mid leg to spread the oil. Knead the leg muscle gently and then slide back your hands down to the ankles.
  • Pour more oil on your palm and apply on the outer (upper) part of the feet. Take note that you should do the massage on one foot at a time. It is ridiculous to try to work on both feet at the same time. Next, apply pressure on the feet with your thumbs on both hands. Start the pressure from the base of the toes up to the ankles.
  • Work under the feet using your other four fingers while your thumbs continue applying pressure on the upper part of your feet. Apply pressure alternately by sliding your thumbs on the upper part of the feet then your four fingers on the soles.

This massage session using Ayurvedic technique should last for about half an hour to an hour. Finish the session by pushing your palm against the soles and turning the feet sideways. Stretch and twist each toe gently and the massage is done.


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