How To Massage your Girlfriend

Massages are something that girls and women consider as pleasurable moments and something that they constantly want to receive. Some try to get their partners to do this but the other gender usually don’t want to or don’t know how to, to begin with.

It’s essentially very easy, though, because in giving a massage, there really aren’t any rules to follow in the routine massage. Just read the following tips and suggestions to give your girlfriend the best massage she can get and you might also end up with an enjoyable experience yourself afterwards.

  1. Create a relaxing, soothing ambiance for your massage. It’s best to dim the lights. You may also light up candles all over the room. You can even go one step further and scatter rose petals all over the room’s floor and even on the bed. Play soft, romantic music in the background, even. Let her feel relaxed and comfortable.
  2. Prepare your girlfriend’s lotions and massage oils (she will most likely own any of these) and place them on a small table within reach from where you will be standing. The oils and lotions will help in relaxing and soothing your girlfriend’s skin and it will likewise help when you manoeuvre throughout your girlfriend’s body. 
  3. Ask your girlfriend to choose which massage oil or lotion she would want you to use. Apply an ample amount of this to the palms of your hand and rub together to create enough heat. Then rub your palms on your girlfriend’s back while she’s lying down on her belly. Ask your girlfriend if the pressure your are putting on her back is enough or if you need to add more. Start massaging her back using slow, solid strokes. Move from her back to her shoulders and then to her lower back. To massage this area of her back, it is best to use your thumbs. Once you’re done massaging her back, cover the area with a sheet.
  4. Now massage your girlfriend’s arms. Squeeze and rub the arms lightly but be careful not to apply too much pressure as the arm muscles can only take so much. Once you’re done massaging the arms, move to the hands and the fingers. To do this effectively, put your thumb on her palm and your four fingers should be on the back of her hand. Rub your thumb in circular movements on her palm. Then hold each of her fingers with all of your five and start by squeezing firmly but gently starting at the base of her finger until you reach the tip.
  5. Once you’re done with the arms, start massaging her thighs and legs. Also massage her inner thigh. Massage the way you did with her arms, only squeeze with more pressure this time. 
  6. The last portion of the body to be massaged should be her feet. Massage the muscles of the feet and the toes – treat them as you did her fingers. Add more lotion when massaging the feet as it is often the driest part of the body.

After her massage, let your girlfriend rest for a few minutes. You can turn this into a regular routine, which can help her de-stress from problems at school or the workplace. You can both even agree to reciprocate, with you being on the receiving end of the massage.


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