How To Measure Girth Size

Penile girth has always been a big concern among men. Along with penile length, girth has been the preoccupation of many men, especially those who feel that they don’t measure up. Despite the many studies and affirming words from females (and some men) that size doesn’t matter, it hasn’t stopped some members of the male population from feeling inferior and paranoid about how they measure up to their peers. This can certainly be a cause of a chronic case of insecurity, especially those who believe performance is better predicted by girth rather than length. Still, there are those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and are chronically unable to attain erection, much less an increase in girth.

Penis sizes come in a broad range. Many studies have already confirmed what many theorized for so long: the average size is different among the major ethnic groups and the “average” size worldwide is just about right, according to the partners of those men. Many also prefer greater skill in the sexual act itself over the actual size of the partner’s penis. While some do want to be with a partner with a large penis, these individuals are a minority; most people don’t really care and look first at other factors. Most women would really go for other characteristics and qualities before even factoring in one’s sexual prowess and penile proportions.

For those who remain concerned and unsure about how they measure up with the rest of the men, here are ways that you can measure your penile girth:

  1. Get a measuring tape. You want one which is similar to what tailors use. Do not use the metal tapes – these don’t go around in a circle as easily as the plastic or paper tapes. Measuring tapes used in carpentry and building might also result in cuts and possibly even infection, as these are made of metal.
  2. Disrobe, and wrap the measuring tape around the base of your penis. You may also measure along different areas across the shaft to account for the deviations. Try recording the penis measurements just below the head or the glans, the middle of the shaft and the place where the penis juts out of the scrotum. Make sure that you’re measuring from the “zero” mark instead of the metal tip of the measuring tape.
  3. Record the different measurements when your penis is flaccid (or soft) and erect (or hard). If you’re planning to take a penile enhancement program or supplement, you can even chart your progress and track any changes by habitually recording the measurements.

Remember, before taking any medication or supplement that promises to enhance girth or length, it’s best to check with your physician whether this is a safe means to do so. Many size-enhancement pills will directly affect your cardiovascular system, and this might be detrimental to one’s health if taken with other medications such as blood pressure pills.

In the end, satisfying one’s partner is not always about size and proportions. It’s about how you perform and what you can do with what you have.


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