How To Measure Your Uterus During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings physical changes to a woman. These changes occur gradually. A woman becomes aware of her growing uterus early in the pregnancy, and may want to measure its size. Here’s how you can measure your uterus during pregnancy.

  • Get a tape measure. You would need a measuring tool to know the size of your uterus. Tape measure is the best tool to use because it can provide accurate results because it can take the form of your growing tummy. Rulers are not recommended since it may provide inaccurate results.
  • Position yourself. Lay flat on your back bed or any flat surface. Position your legs by bending your knees such that the soles of your feet are flat on the bed as well. Your legs should form an inverted V.
  • Know what to measure. The size of the uterus can be determined by measuring the top of the pubic bone to the top of your uterus. Your pubic bone is the spot down by the pubic hair area. Push down along the pubic hair until you feel a bony prominent. That bone is your pubic bone. The top of your uterus is the part where you can feel something round, hard and smooth. Where it is depends on the age of pregnancy. Use the side of your hand with the palm facing you when feeling for the top of the uterus. Push down along the midline of your tummy and locate where the top of the uterus is. Do not be disappointed when you do not find it immediately. It might be because you’re not putting enough pressure in your hand.
  • Get ready to measure. Once you know where the landmarks (pubic bone and top of the uterus) are, you can now measure the size of your uterus with the tape measure. Lay the tip of the tape measure, or the ‘0’ part just above your pubic bone and measure to the top of your uterus. Place it along the center of your tummy to get accurate results. Use centimeters when measuring. Mark the spot where the tape measure touches the top of your uterus, and that is your result. You have now successfully measured your uterus during pregnancy.
  • Tip: Consider the age of pregnancy. An important factor to remember regarding the growth of the uterus is its constant, steady and predictable increase in size. For example, by your 20th to 22nd week, it should reach the level of the umbilicus or navel. Before that, the top of the uterus is below the navel, and after that, it is above it. You can ask your doctor where in your tummy you would expect to feel your uterus depending on the month of pregnancy you’re in or you can research online as may sources would tell you where it is.

Knowing the size of your uterus is during pregnancy can help you know your baby more. The size of your uterus can tell you if your baby is growing accordingly or not. Large deviation from the recommended size can signify a complication in your pregnancy so you may want to consult your doctor if this happens. Knowing the size of the uterus may be of big help in determining the state of your baby.


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