How To Meditate at Work

Everyone gets stressed but it’s the level of anxiety and toxic-ness that really make one go totally ballistic. Lawyers, reporters, media practitioners, directors, producers, accountants, and professionals with high levels of stress resulting from control issues and work pressures seriously have to chill out, man! Stress kills so please chill. There are many ways to control stress while at work. Having an exercise machine at the office is one, stretching is another option, and lastly, you can try to meditate. Do you know that breathing in and out with your eyes closed for five minutes is already a form of meditation? Yes, that’s so true!

If you have more than five minutes to spare during your workday, here are more ways to meditate at work.

  1. Pick a time. Your meditation time is entirely up to you. You can do it as soon as you get to work (if you clock in earlier than anyone else at the office), during your breaks, or even while taking-five from typing in your computer or taking calls from clients or bosses.
  2. Choose a spot. There’s no job that will literally have you chained to your desk 9 to 5 and if you are in one of those jobs that won’t even respect your bathroom breaks, you don’t need meditation, you need to quit, pronto. Now moving on, your meditation spot could be anywhere relatively quiet and conducive to meditating. In this day and age where top management and bosses are more in-tune to employee needs, there are provisions for Quiet Lounges for employees to chill. Go there or to the office library for your meditation.
  3. Start breathing deeply. Take your blazer or jacket off, loosen your tie if you’re a man. Begin zoning out. Zoning out means letting your mind wander to help clear it from mental debris and tuning noise out. Begin breathing deeply, pulling in air until your stomach is heavy with blissful oxygen. Hold your breath for about 5 seconds and slowly breathe the air out all the while stretching your stomach inward as you release air. Doing this will stabilize your blood pressure and allow more oxygen to your brain making you more mentally alert.
  4. Move on to mindful meditation. After you’ve mentally freshened-up, it’s time for you to meditate mindfully. Leave the confines of your office’s Quiet Lounge or library and perform a task like washing your office flask or mug. While performing this task, concentrate on washing, rinsing, and wiping letting no other thought occupy your mind other than what you are now performing with your hands. If during this task your thoughts start to wander, do not hold back and give in to it. You will soon find out that with practice, your mind will discipline itself into this form of mindful meditation.
  5. Experience it with your body. There is actually no need for you to silently mouth mantras or hum melodies while meditating at work, well, especially while at work. Instead, feel each task by letting your body flow with the meditative state.

Your body is not a machine. Listen to it and take a breather from work. Meditate and release your stress. You’ll be happier and healthier, too.


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