How To Meditate in Theta State Almost Instantly

It has been proven by many that meditating has been helpful for the overall health of a person. Several have claimed it has been curative. In any case, it is very relaxing and invigorating. Scientists have classified four different speeds of brainwaves. Namely, these are the beta state, the alpha state, the theta state and the delta state. The beta state is when you are most active. The alpha state is when you are conscious of your actions and is what state you are in throughout most of the day. The theta state is when you are dreamy somewhere being awake and asleep. And the delta state is when you are unconscious and asleep.

Most often you are unconscious during the theta state. Most of your body does a lot of healing during this time but unfortunately you are not aware of it. Going to sleep and forcing yourself to enter dreamland is not the best way to get into theta state. Tiring yourself out is not the solution either.

  • Find a relaxing environment. Stay away from physical distractions and noise. Make sure the room temperature where you choose to be is comfortable. Wear loose clothing that will not constrict your breathing. Position yourself any way you want. You can sit down cross legged or lying down. Do not attempt yoga positions if you are not at ease with them. Do what is easy for you.
  • Be deliberate in relaxing your body and your mind. Close your eyes and take slow deep breaths. Do deep inhalation and take even a longer time to exhale. Clear your mind of your problems and concerns. Do not think about them but just be aware of them. Next, concentrate on your body parts as they slowly relax. After focusing on your body, bring your attention to your emotions but do not try to solve any problems you have. Being conscious and aware is what you want to achieve. You do not want to go back into the alpha state. Think of relaxing things that please you. These can be places you like, experiences you have had or people you love. You are slowly entering into a dreamy state. Do not fall asleep. Try to stay in the dreamy state as long as you can.
  • Use guided imagery or voice recordings. It can be difficult in the beginning, so you can also start by purchasing voice recordings specifically made for meditation. Guided imagery can also help you get into theta state.
  • Try hypnosis. An experienced person can also talk you into theta state. The advantage of this over purchased products is the personal approach you have. The person will know you more and therefore guide you better. After some time, you can learn how to enter into theta state by yourself.
  • Stay in the dreamy state upon waking in the morning. In order to experience what the theta state is like, try to wake up slowly. When you start hearing sounds in the morning and before you open your eyes, stay in bed. You may have had a dream and it is still fresh in your mind. Continue to think about that dream. You are in theta state. Try to be in that state as long as you can so you know more or less how it feels.

Meditating takes practice it will probably frustrate you especially if you do not achieve it in your first try. Relaxing is not as easy as it used to be and it has to be a conscious effort.


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