How To Motivate Yourself to Exercise

The spirit is willing but the body is not.  Some people use this excuse for not engaging in exercise.  Many find themselves simply not motivated to work out even if in their hearts they know that exercise (and good eating habits) is the key to a healthy body and mind.

What do you do if you find yourself unmotivated to exercise?  Try the following tips to get you on your way to good health.

  1. Have a goal.  Establish your exercise goals.  Write down what you want to accomplish with your exercise regime.  If it is weight loss, write down your current weight and target weight.  If it is to go down a few dress sizes, identify what your ideal dress size is.  Maybe you want to exercise to improve your levels of cholesterol or to do better in your next physical.  Your goal should be clear, concise and most of all achievable.  Go for one major goal then break these down into smaller ones.  This way, you can have pockets of accomplishments that can motivate you to continue your workouts.
  2. Visualize your new, healthier body.  Close your eyes and look into your mind.  Visualize how you want to look and feel.  Realize that you can only achieve the image in your mind though working out religiously and by eating healthy foods.
  3. Reward yourself.  Give yourself a prize for achieving your goals.  For instance, you can buy new clothes or shoes after losing a certain number of inches or pounds. 
  4. Workout with someone.  Get an exercise partner so you can motivate each other to workout.  Make sure your partner has his own goals. Pull each other up and support one another in achieving you goals.
  5. Remember how you feel after each workout.  Working out and completing your required number of sets gives you a natural high.  Remember this great feeling each time you are leaning towards skipping a workout.
  6. Place a picture of yourself on the refrigerator.  As you continue to lose weight, add newer pictures.  The visual of a “new, healthier you” alone should propel you to workout regularly.
  7. Treat your workout as your own special time.  In the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, there’s hardly time to do the activities that you would normally enjoy.  Consider exercise as your special time.  A time to love your body to keep yourself going.
  8. Watch The Biggest Loser.  This is one reality show that has a true purpose, to get the contestants to love their bodies by engaging in healthy eating and exercise.  Get inspired by the stories of the contestants and pick up tips on eating and exercising right.
  9. Read success stories of people who now enjoy the benefits of working out.  Exercising is not just about losing weight, it is also about maintaining a healthy, working body.  Look for stories on the Internet that can inspire you to put on your gym shoes and work out.  Read personal blogs of individuals who are both struggling and are now successful in their quest.  You can learn so much from the experiences of others.

Reminder:  Consult your doctor before you start any exercise regime if you have medical concerns.

Exercising becomes fun when you engage in a physical activity that you like.  Choose a type of workout that is both enjoyable and addresses your exercise goals. Motivate yourself with the tips above and always remember that the number one reason why you should exercise is to maintain good health.  After all, health is wealth.


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