How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

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Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for making sure that the processes in the male's body runs according to design. There are many processes that the hormone is responsible for, and the low levels of testosterone in the body may cause very unsightly and unwanted consequences.

Among the symptoms of low testosterone levels include muscle loss, poor bone structure, as well as the inability to have and maintain penile erections (also known as male impotence). A low level of testosterone has also been linked to an increased risk of heart attack.

There are testosterone replacement therapies that have been formulated for men who have this problem, but for the most part, doctors still try the natural methods of increasing testosterone. The option to do away with artificial hormone replacement is considered heavily when the patient is only at the borderline area. Most patients are also concerned about raising their risk of contracting prostate cancer from artificial therapies. While the risk has not been established to have been directly affected by the use of sex hormone replacement therapeutic drugs, most people still prefer to err on the side of caution.

Here are the natural ways to help your body raise its own testosterone levels.

  • Fat is an enemy of testosterone. Having an excess amount of fat in your body - especially in your abdominal area – will  make you more predisposed to having increased estrogen and DHEA hormones. These are the female sex hormones that do the exact opposite of testosterone.
  • Increase muscle mass. While trying to cut back on your weight, make sure that you don't lose an inordinate amount of muscle mass over a short period of time. Excessive loss in weight coupled with a reduced intake of calories sends the body a message that it also needs to cut back in the production of sex hormones. The brain is hardwired to not want to produce much sex hormones during times of famine and scarcity, as this lessens the chances of the possible offspring to survive. Ironically, a lower degree of testosterone in the body also lessens the ability of the body to burn fat! It's a vicious cycle!
  • Have sex! I bet you saw this coming. Doing the act - in fact even just having an erection - can increase the amount of sex hormones in your body. Again, it's a vicious cycle. Not having enough testosterone might result in difficulty getting physically aroused, but not doing the act will not help you get more of the hormone.
  • Eats nuts for snacks (no pun intended). All joking aside, nuts have been known to contain a form of monounsaturated acids that have a direct effect on the male sex organs.
  • Don't drink too much. Try to limit yourself to about two bottles each drinking night. High alcohol levels make the body less able to produce testosterone.
  • Get enough rest. A well rested person can coax his body to put together more sex hormones.

Natural methods do work! Just be patient and wait for the results. It's a lot better than having to deal with side effects of artificial hormone therapy.


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