How To Naturally Treat Chronic Diarrhea

You are suffering from chronic diarrhea if you have increased stool production. You must be suffering from chronic diarrhea if you’re experiencing watery stool for more than four weeks.

People experiencing chronic diarrhea usually take oral rehydration salt to replace their lost body fluid. This is a wise move but it’s not always a way to treat chronic diarrhea. If you’ll ask your doctor, he will recommend you take medicines. But for some people, taking medicine is not their thing. Fortunately, you don’t have to convince yourself to take medicines because there are natural ways to treat your chronic diarrhea.

  • Fasting. You don’t really have to abstain from eating any food when you fast. You can eat a little or avoid eating foods that might have triggered or will trigger chronic diarrhea.
  • More water. Diarrhea causes lost body fluid, much more with chronic diarrhea. That is why part of natural treatment for this condition is drinking more water. Avoid drinking diuretics like tea and coffee.
  • Bananas. Eating more bananas is believed to harden stools. If you have loose stools because of chronic diarrhea, eating bananas might help. Well, it surely is worth a try considering that this is a very simple way to treat chronic diarrhea.
  • Marshmallow root. Take two capsules of this herb, three times a day, for fast and natural treatment for chronic diarrhea.
  • Slippery elm. You’ll need half teaspoon of powdered slippery elm. Gradually add a cup of boiled water to this powder until the mixture is perfected.
  • Essential oils. Use chamomile or peppermint as a hot compress. Put the compress on your abdomen and let it on for at least ten minutes. This will help relieve your chronic diarrhea by soothing your stomach.
  • Herbal medicines. Search for some herbal medicines or alternatives to the common traditional medicines for chronic diarrhea. These are mostly in a form of tablet, pills, or capsules. Herbal medicines may look like the traditional ones but the difference relies on the ingredients. Natural medicines contain 100% natural ingredients while the traditional medicines are usually chemical-based.

Try any of these natural treatments and remedies before you take any medicines. If none of these work then it’s time to use medicines like:

  • Antibiotics. You’ll need this if your chronic diarrhea is caused by infection, parasite or bacteria. This is usually recommended for patients with stools containing pus or blood.
  • Antidiarrheal. This medicine is ideal for decreasing your diarrhea by coating your intestine so that the stools will be less watery. There are some antidiarrheal medicines also that can slow down the food’s movement, thus, preventing having watery stools.

Keep in mind that these tips can treat your chronic diarrhea but these might also worsen your condition. Before following any medication, determine first what have caused your diarrhea in the first place. Target that cause when treating your diarrhea and you’ll surely treat that for good.

That only means it’s always better to prevent suffering chronic diarrhea if you only could. But since you’re already suffering from it, better treat that first. When you’re already fine, make sure you avoid possible causes of chronic diarrhea—that is, if you don’t want to suffer this again.


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