How To Naturally Treat Tooth Decay

Do you know what the unnatural ways to treat tooth decay are? That’s going to a dentist and have your decayed tooth filled or replaced. Natural treatment for tooth decay does not have to do that. Some experts also suggest that filling decayed teeth will only worsen your condition. So choose natural, choose the following methods when treating tooth decay.

Herbal Treatments for Tooth Decay

Certain herbs are known to be helpful for treating tooth decay. Here are some of these herbs:

  • Chuan Wu. This herb has sedative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. When using this for tooth decay, make sure to use only at most 12 grams everyday. Boil Chuan Wu before adding this to other herbs or to water. Gargle using the mixture and that will already help treat tooth decay. This herb can be effective but be careful because it can be very toxic when raw. Soak Chuan Wu in water and make sure it is thoroughly wet before using.
  • Cranberry. This famous Thanksgiving fruit is also a good natural treatment for tooth decay. It contains certain chemicals that are high in molecular weight and non-dializable material or NDM. This helps get rid of plaque but can also reverse the effects of plaque on your teeth. Simply drinking cranberry juice will help save your teeth or treat them from tooth decay.
  • Wheatgrass. Make wheatgrass juice out of the young plant by crushing the leaf buds. You can also turn the leaves into powder. Any of these will help for natural tooth decay treatment. Not only your tooth but also your colon can be cleansed by drinking wheatgrass juice.
  • Lemon. This fruit is famous for its high-content vitamin C. Vitamin C is helpful in preventing and treating tooth decay. There’s no special ritual for using lemon as a natural tooth decay cure. Simply squeeze some juice out of some fresh lemons, drink the juice, and feel refreshed. That will already help your teeth be decay-free while keeping your immunity stronger with vitamin C.
  • Cloves. This famous Asian spice is also a helpful remedy for tooth decay. You can use cloves on some dishes or you can gargle the boiled cloves. As long as the cloves reach your teeth, it will already help in naturally curing tooth decay.

Using all these herbs to naturally treat your tooth decay will be useless if you keep on eating the foods that make the decay worse. It will help to cut back your sugar intake because sugar produces acids that cause decay.

If you can’t help eating sugar-rich foods, then try to immediately rinse your mouth after taking these foods. Drinking more water rinses and cleanses the mouth and teeth, thus helping in tooth decay prevention. Lastly, brush your teeth at least twice everyday. And don’t just brush your teeth but brush them thoroughly.

By treatment and prevention, your chances of getting tooth decay will be lessened plus, your tooth decay can be treated naturally.


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