How To Overcome Retirement Depression

You think retiring is all about getting your pension and spending it on the things you really enjoy doing. But, why do you feel depressed now that you are retired? Aren’t you supposed to be enjoying a work-free life now?

Don’t be so depressed that you’re feeling depressed now that you are retired. Many of your fellows feel the same way. That doesn’t mean it is normal, though. But it means you can cure your retirement depression. And do you know what’s better? You can overcome your retirement depression without seeing a doctor or taking an anti-depressant drug. Here are some tips for overcoming your retirement depression:

  • Be spiritual. Imagine, you have already spent half of your life earning money and taking care of your kids. You don’t have to work anymore because you’re already earning part of what you’ve worked for a long time. You don’t have to take care of your kids anymore because they can already take care of themselves. This way, you have more time reading the scripture and be a better man. You can start removing your material needs until you are satisfied of how you appear before your god. As you know, following a spiritual life requires you to leave your material attachments. Your retirement is the perfect time to do that.
  • Start a hobby. Do something that you wished you’ve been doing when you were still stack up to your job. Maybe you like to learn painting, write a book, make jewelries, plant flowers, and learn how to bake. Your retirement days are the best days for hobbies, hobbies, and more hobbies.
  • Travel. Traveling requires time, money, and energy. You have time and money but your energy is slowly depreciating. The good news is, you are still strong enough to travel. Don’t waste your time sobbing there and start planning your next world cruise. You’ll meet people and perhaps touch lives. You’ll explore people, countries, and cultures. Traveling is not only something enjoyable but something that will teach you how to be more open-minded.
  • Volunteer. You don’t need to earn anymore and you have lots of time to spend for anything you like. Why not spend your time for a social cause? Be a volunteer in your favorite civic organization. You’ll help other people when you do, plus, you’ll feel you’re still a worthy person despite your old age.
  • Teach. At your age, you surely know a lot already. Why not teach some unfortunate kids how to read, write, and count? You can even use your house as your school. Teaching helps your mind working, helps kids learn, and helps you feel your worth.
  • Sponsor. A lot of kids are suffering from poverty. You can’t help all these kids but at least, you can change the life of one or two kids by being their sponsor.

These tips can be helpful but there is nothing more effective than determining the cause of your retirement depression and solve that.

Now, if all your efforts to overcome retirement depression are of no effect, it’s time to seek professional help. Checking up with your doc should be coupled with your cooperation. You’ll see, sooner or later, you’ll get over your retirement depression and learn how to enjoy this magnificent stage of life.


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