How To Overcome Sleepiness

It’s really awful to be at work when you feel like going to bed and having a good night’s sleep. The problem is, no matter how sleepy you are, you can’t go to sleep. You need to stay awake, alert, and fully functioning. But how will you overcome sleepiness if you can’t keep your eyes from closing? Do you need to take drugs already?

The good news is, you don’t have to take medications to overcome sleepiness. At least, not yet. Seeking medical advice or taking medicines should only be done after you’ve tried all these tips without any good effect:

  • Caffeine. If you’re sleepy, drink coffee! Caffeine in coffee or any other products with this substance can help your mind be alert and awake. However, drinking coffee can be dangerous to your health especially if you drink too much. At first, coffee will really help you overcome sleepiness. But as drinking coffee becomes a habit, more and more dosage will be needed by your body to keep awake. Abusing coffee will lead to either dependence on it or gaining no effect from it at all. So, it’s okay to drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks, only in moderation.
  • Short nap. This works for most people. When you feel sleepy, then go ahead and spoil what your brain wants. Go get a short sleep—a nap. A short nap helps in recharging your mind, thus, when you wake up, you already have a recharged mind and ready to work effectively again. However, beware of turning the short naps into full-length sleep. It is very tempting to take a “nap” for hours especially if you’re working at home. But don’t. Sleeping longer than the regular nap, which only takes some minutes, will instead make your mind and body feel lazy to work at all.
  • Stretch. Stretching your body increases blood flow, which helps for more alert brain function. Make sure you’ll stretch your body as stretched as possible. Have at least five minutes for stretching. Longer time for exercise is okay but don’t take shorter time. It won’t help so much and will only waste your time. A good alternative to this is a short walk.
  • Resist. You already feel drowsy but don’t give in to your sleepiness. Fight it through any means possible. Once you’ve overcome your sleepiness, your body will feel as if it has quickly recharged.
  • Change focus. Have you been focusing on your work for some straight hours? Maybe your mind needs a break that’s why you feel sleepy. Why don’t you check your social networking account, window shop on eBay, or play a game. All these can deviate your mind from what you were doing and help you overcome sleepiness.
  • Music. You might be feeling sleepy because the surrounding is already so boring. Play some lively and loud music then. You don’t have to disturb your neighbor or your officemate if you have a headset at hand.

Devise your own tips on how to overcome sleepiness if these won’t work. But if all your efforts are useless, then it’s time you see a specialist. Perhaps your sleepiness is not the normal one. Maybe you’re already suffering from a certain condition that can only be cured by taking medicines.


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