How To Overcome Tinnitus Noise So You Can Sleep

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It’s almost impossible to sleep while you’re continuously hearing loud ringing sound inside your ears. You’re lucky enough to fall asleep despite your tinnitus. But you can’t expect to continue being asleep with that loud ringing noise. Well, those sleepless nights are surely part of having tinnitus. Almost all sufferers of this symptom would never have a good night’s sleep until they learned some good techniques on how to fall asleep and continue sleeping despite the loud ringing noise.

The following are some of the tips you can use to overcome tinnitus noise so you can sleep well:

  • Exercise. Physical exercise helps increase the quality of our body’s blood circulation. This also helps in getting rid of toxins and properly feeding nutrients to the body and brain—yes, that includes the auditory passage to the brain. Regular exercise helps you relieve stress and combat stress. This is very important in getting a good night’s sleep whether you are suffering from tinnitus or not. “Regular” exercise here means at least three times a week of at least 20-minute workout. Besides helping you sleep well, exercising has lots of healthy benefits to offer. It may take some of your precious time but exercising surely is a good investment for a good health.
  • Tinnitus masking. Use a tinnitus masker to get rid of the ringing sound. This device can fit within your ear canal and there, it will emit the ringing sound and help you fell asleep.
  • Tinnitus instrument. This is similar to the tinnitus masker only that it is a combination of tinnitus masker and hearing aid. This instrument can amplify the outside sound and then produce a sound that can distract the internal ringing sound.
  • Other sounds. Staying in a very quiet place will make the ringing more audible. Creating other sounds will lessen the ringing. The sound of your air conditioner is enough. But you can try to play a soothing music, too. The music will distract the ringing and will help your way to a soothing sleep. Natural sounds are okay to overcome tinnitus noise, too. According to a recent research, sounds of falling or running water are the best way to overcome the tinnitus noise.
  • Herbs. Certain herbs are popular for encouraging sleep despite the tinnitus sound. Black Cohosh is among these herbs. This eases any pain you feel and can help you relax. Chamomile is a great alternative for Black Cohosh because of its relaxing and soothing nature. You can try Gotu Kola also. This herb is known for its calming effect while improving circulation. Valerian Root is worth trying as well. It can help you get to sleep by easing muscle tension and nervous tension.

Taking sleeping pills can help you sleep despite the tinnitus noise. But it is recommended you try all the tips above before taking sleeping pills. The tips above have no serious side effects unlike sleeping pills that are known for their side effects.

If after taking sleeping pills and you’re still not okay, consulting a doctor is already necessary. You can’t tell how bad your tinnitus noise is until you see a doctor. Your doctor will help you determine the root cause of the tinnitus noise so you can finally have it cured and again, have a good night’s sleep.


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