How To Overcome your Depression

I would like to start with the 'whys', as I feel it is very important to understand why you are able to overcome depression without pills, meds or substances.

I truly feel that depression is a 'fake' disease. I feel that the pharmaceutical companies and criminal lawyers came up with depression as an excuse for when people choose not to deal with the realities around them.

That is not to say that the 'symptoms' of depression do not exist. Sadness, aloofness, thoughts of suicide. They are all things that happen to all human beings at one point in time or another. Yet, some individuals do not just have short periods of sadness, some experience it for months to years at a time.

Yet, instead of looking at the true science of the human brain, and realizing that it holds the power within itself to heal from the symptoms of depression, they decide that it must be a 'chemical imbalance'. It couldn't possibly be within the control of the individual, or helped by simple lifestyle changes. It has to be something irrevocably wrong, and so wrong that the victim could never do a thing to help themselves without the use of medication and expensive therapies.

Why do I feel you can overcome depression without medications and expensive therapies? Because I know you have it in you! We just have to find that part of you that once was happy. That part of you that once knew what it was like to love life, and enjoy the things in it.

I truly feel that depression comes from a few things:

-Feeling that we are not as good as another person
-Feeling that we do not have the things we should
-Believing that our lives are meaningless


-Not wanting to deal with reality, or take responsibility for it.

I think that all these underlying causes are rooted within the same general idea, of not wanting to accept and become responsible for our own lives.

Why can you overcome depression? Because you have it in you! Because all it takes in a simple seed to take root in your mind, to guide you to the right path, to bring you back. Once that seed grows in you, it will become so much clearer and easier to understand.

The symptoms of depression will no longer have the control over you, once your will takes control.

Step 1

Learning to change your mindset.

In the place you are at now, the world is a sad gray color. With no cherishable life and no reason to stop and admire the world around you. You have stopped looking for that greener pasture, and have cooped yourself up into a world that keeps you here.

Did you know you can change that?

The greener pasture is now visible in the distance.

Did you know that the gray world can suddenly change into the bright beautiful world, if only you would choose to believe it existed?

Can you see it happening?

You have to believe in it. If you don't see it, if you can't feel it, then you have to understand that you are making the decision not to see it. There are no brain chemicals that are blocking your view. There is no one near you threatening you if you choose to believe. There is not a thing stopping you from changing your mindset, except you.

Too many people want to believe that it is not their fault that relationships have gone bad, or that they are overweight, that they have control issues or that they have substance abuse problems. They don't want to believe that it is their fault, because that would make them feel guilty. Even worse, it would make them feel wrong. It would make them feel as though they should have done something different and that there is no one else to blame.

There are three major facts that I need you to understand, and they will be the seeds that start to grow in you, and build the greener pasture.

1. You are responsible for everything you do or don't do in your life. Even if a person holds a weapon to your head, you still make the choices.

2. You are the only one in control of your emotions. No one else can 'make' you mad or sad or happy. Yes there are triggers, but YOU make the CHOICE to stay in that emotion. If you assign the outcome of your emotional status to other people, you will never be happy! Realize that you control your emotions and you will start to see the path.

3. If you condemn yourself for every mistake you make, you will stop yourself from growing. Every human being makes mistakes; they all have times of failure and rejection. You are not the only person in the whole world that has made your mistakes, and it is much better to learn from the mistakes, and to try again, than to sit and dwell on them, and keep yourself miserable.

Think about these things intensely before moving on to step two.

Step 2

Now we are going to talk about reality.

Did you know that there real is no clear and straightforward description of reality? No matter where you look, all opinions of reality are obscure, and change from person to person.

The scientists and materialists will tell you that reality is all the things you can see, touch and prove are in existence.

The theologists and philosophers will tell you that your thoughts, feelings and desires are reality.

What do you think reality is? Better yet, what is YOUR reality? Is it your soul and essence? Or is it the ground under your feet?

The truth is, there is no wrong answer here. Only your answer and my answer. Everyone has a different opinion of reality because everyone has a different reality.

My objective in this step is to put some water and light on that seed that is growing in you. To give it something to nourish it, and help it spread roots.

Did you know you have the power to change and control your reality? It's a wonderful strength, and those who have discovered it, and choose to believe in it, have become some of the wealthiest minds.

Now, remember, you do not control the realities of other people, just as they do not control your reality.

I can prove it to you. Look at the research that has been done on the medication of those who have mental illnesses. Do any of the medications actually work?

No! They don't! No matter what chemicals, vitamins and derivatives are thrown into the human body, not one of them can change the reality of the host.

Do you know why?

They cannot change the reality of the person, because in effect, they are trying to change the person by force.

Whether it is ADD, Depression, OCD, or any other issue, they cannot be changed by force. History has proven that the only thing that can change a person's reality is the person himself.

Now that you have become aware of the fact that you control and make up your own reality, your next step is to choose what you want your reality to be.

Do you want to be sad for the rest of your life?

Do you want to be alone, with no friends or loved ones to care for you?

Do you want to always do things wrong? Or do you want to do things right?

These seem like simple questions, but they are things that many people forget to address. It is our desires that control our realities.

Even if your conscious mind tells you that you want to be happy, it cannot happen until your believe with your whole mind and soul that you CAN be happy, that it can actually happen.

If you said, "Yes! I want to be happy!", than you have started the process. Don't you feel that little tingly sensation in your body after you say it, or even think it?

If you said, "No! I don't want to be alone forever!" you have consciously made a choice not to be lonely. Which is the start to changing your reality.

The truth is, you have to believe that the possibility of change is there. You have to know that you can be happy, satisfied and loved.

Step 3

Now, let's take another step towards a healthy reality. It's called perspective.

Perspective is defined as the way you 'view' the world. It is 'how you see things'.

When someone says to you, "How are you today?"

Are they insinuating that something must be wrong with you? Or are they just simply inquiring about you, because they don't know?

When someone brushes by you in a crowded place, are they purposely trying to push you out of the way? Or was it an accident because of the crowd?

When someone upsets you, do you think they did it on purpose? Or is there a possibility that they didn't mean to?

Our perspective of the world around us is what controls our reality. If everyone is always out to get us, to upset us, or sadden our world, then the world becomes a sad place. When things always go wrong, when we don't get what we want, or when we always fail, the world doesn't seem like a place we want to be in.

When you change the perspective.... When people are human and it is natural for them to mistakenly upset us, we learn not to take it so personally, and it becomes easier to accept the good nature of people. When things are allowed to go wrong and right, when we realize that we will not get everything we want all the time, and that it is all right to fail sometimes, than the world seems more open.

When you decide that people are good, and caring, but not perfect, then it becomes easier to accept that you are good, deserving, and caring, but not perfect.

Reality and perspective go hand in hand, and it is up to you to change your view.

Do you want to be sad, lonely and poor for the rest of your life?

Or happy, healthy, loved, and cherished for the rest of your life?

Its up to you, and you would do good to think about it for a moment before moving on to the next step.

Step 4

Some practical tools to help you change your perspective and reality.

Because it takes some time to realize what parts of your life need a perspective change, it is useful to keep a journal.

In this journal, you will want to write down random thoughts, and write down events that happen in your day-to-day life. Once you have done this for a few months, it is helpful to go back through them and decide where there are areas that need to be changed.

Were you happy or sad for those months? Why were you happy or sad? What caused you to be happy or sad?

Once you start to recognize the causes of sad emotions, and the causes of happy emotions, you learn to control the situations that make them happen. You learn where you can change your reality.

It is also useful to remember to stop yourself from snowballing into a sad reality. Anytime you see yourself becoming depressed, you need to counteract those feelings with happy thoughts.

You brain is a trainable object that does what you tell it. If you tell it to be sad and depressed, it will be. If you tell it to be happy and fulfilled, it will be!

You have to train your brain, and the longer you continue to train it to be happy, the more often and longer you will be happy, and the easier it becomes to overcome depression.

Truly, you have the power to overcome depression. There is not a thing in this world that can disprove the fact that every individual holds the seeds inside themselves to be happy and/or sad.

You just have to make the choice to believe you can be happy. And after you choose to believe, you have to take action!

I have given you the seed, and given you nourishment, light and substance to help it grow. Now it is up to you.


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I say you have a strong take on this subject. I agree that you could treat depression with effective self-help strategies. It really is a person's choice to be happy.

By Anonymous