How To Perform Breathwork Meditation

Breathwork meditation alleviates stress. Everyday we suffer from our own bodies, from society, and from other people or other living entities. Everyday we suffer from sickness either mentally, emotionally, or physically. Everyday we suffer from traffic jams and irate people and we also suffer from weather and insect bites.

Breathwork meditation will deal with the negative energies that a person experiences. Having a heightened state of mind will make a person be like a lotus flower—living in a city but untouched by everyday life’s anxieties.

Philosophy based and fine breathwork meditation teaches us that we are not our mind. In this practice a person can transcend the dualities of life—hot and cold weather, bliss and sorrow among many others.

In first-rate breathwork meditation, a person will overcome stress, for that person will understand that everything he experiences is just a temporary sensory flash, like fashion shows.

Here are some tips on how to perform breathwork meditation:

  1. You need a quiet room. It is great if the room is bare so you can you easily empty your mind of unwanted thoughts.
  2. In a lotus or half-lotus position, close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of your breathing.
  3. If you are a neophyte, you can use music to soothe your mind so you can focus more on your breathing.
  4. In an advance stage, it’s better if there’s no music. Your mind will naturally wonder during meditation. Just always try to bring it back whenever it wanders. You will understand that there are two entities, you, who is the controller of the mind and the mind that is compared to a wild horse. It is said that it’s easier to control the wind than to control the mind. So expect this to be a bit difficult at the beginning.

There are breathwork meditations that focus on nothing. Some focus on tangible things like table, chairs. And there are transcendental yogis who focus their breathwork meditation on God. You can do breathwork meditation for 15 to 20 minutes a day. After a while, you can do meditation even you’re in the outside world. You can do breathing meditation even while you’re driving your car and at work.

In this age of confusion and rat race, meditation is important as eating and sleeping. Soul searching is natural because it is taught that we are spirit in essence. If you’re a person who is down because of the stresses caused by everyday life, then its best that you try breathwork meditation. Enlightenment is certain.

You can also try other forms of meditation like hatha yoga, shibashi, or tai chi. Learn philosophies as well. Meditation is based on wisdom. If you understand that you are not the mind and you are not the body, then you already free yourself of great burden because you understand that everything you experience in this lifetime is temporary. And you will divert you energies and time intelligently.

There are many kinds of meditation and philosophies. If you want to know the truth, be sincere. It is the only key.

In breathwork meditation, you will be able to control your senses. Then you will be able to control your mind. Genuine happiness follows.


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