How To Perform Proper Step Technique

Step exercises can be done almost anywhere. There is no need for special equipment to carry out a proper step technique, you just need to have good form and be able to follow a few simple guidelines.

The object that you use to step can be a home footstool, a step on a set of stairs, or an aerobic step stool.

What is good about aerobic step stools is, they were made for stepping, complete with anti-slip surfaces and bases.  Aerobic step stools can be adjusted to different heights to fit your fitness level and many have padding to insure that you get a workout that is low impact.

If you are using a footstool and it is not anti-slip then you must place it against a wall or bookshelf or something that will keep it in one place and prevent it from tipping over.  Stepping using the bottom step of stairs is a very popular and cheap way to perform proper step technique.

When you are using a step tool that is not padded, it is necessary to wear some sturdy, cushioned shoes to soften the impact on your body; while high-impact aerobic exercise may be good for losing weight, it is not good for your bones.

To perform proper step technique you should stand squarely in front of your chosen stepping tool with your feet about 6 inches in front of the base of the object you will be stepping onto. Your feet should be a comfortable distance apart from each other. Check that you have good posture and that your shoulders are relaxed. Keep your knees just slightly bent - never lock your knees.

Your arms can be down at your sides; this may be the best position for beginning steppers.  Alternately, your hands can be placed on your hips or you can hold dumbbells in each hand. Placing your hands on your hips or holding dumbbells will work your abdominal muscles more.

Now that you are properly positioned, begin stepping with your right foot; place your whole foot onto the step, keeping your right foot on the right half of the stepper.  Now place your left foot onto the stepper.  Straighten your legs at this point.  Now step back off of the step with your right foot, followed by your left foot. Remember to always place your whole foot onto the step.

Pick a pace and keep it steady. Start out slowly and then build up speed once you are stepping correctly.

When you perform proper step technique your body will benefit immensely. You will speed up your metabolism; burn calories; firm and shape your legs and hips; and you will definitely get a good aerobic workout.


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