How To Perform Self-Hypnosis

Self improvement is an important step towards a better existence. We spend a lot of our resources improving the things that surrounds us. We pay attention to our house, our car or even our clothes, but we tend to forget to improve on ourselves. We are our most valuable asset. This is something we cannot replace. If you create a reality out of what you want to be, then you have a chance to become something more than what you think you can achieve. 

It is a great start that you are reading about self-hypnosis. As you know, all change starts within. If you start by deciding to change from within, then you are on the right path to a better you. Self-Hypnosis is more than just a gentle nudge but it is also a powerful tool to change things you are not happy with in your life. Use this tool and it could lead to a more meaningful and fruitful life that you have long desired.  Here are some simple steps that you can follow to get you closer to a new and better you.

  1. Set the mood. Place yourself in a place that gives you the most comfort. Remove anything that could give you unwanted distractions. The light must be just right. Not too bright or too dim. Wear comfortable clothes so that you don't get too distracted.
  2. Relax. Your body must be in total relaxation for this to work. This opens your mind for suggestion. To attain total relaxation, tense each and every muscle for three seconds before relaxing them. Start from your toes until you reach your face. This should leave you relaxed from head to toe.
  3. The deepening phase. The deepening phase lets you fall into a further relaxed state. Try counting from a certain number to one. This number can be as high as 100 or could be as low as 20.
  4. Suggest what you want to change. When your body is at its most relaxed it is now susceptible for suggestion. This is the time that you can suggest whatever it is you want to change. Wording is key. Remember to say I instead of you. This brings more power to the suggestion because it means that this is what you want for yourself.
  5. Close it out. Now that the suggestion phase is done, it is now time to end your session. Close it by exhaling deeply and saying something like "I have just been at a hypnotic state and I am coming out feeling refreshed and fully awake". It is important to close the session to maximize the effects of the suggestion phase.

This is a good way to set you up for success. Self-hypnosis is not easy and it takes a lot of practice. If you do not see the results immediately, try it again and in time you should see the difference.


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