How To Perform Water Aerobics Exercises

Water aerobics is an effective calorie burner. In just an hour of water aerobics exercises, you can burn up to 700 calories. Water aerobics is great for people of any size or fitness level. Even obese people or those who suffer from joint and muscle problems will benefit from water aerobics exercises without experiencing much stress while and after doing the exercise. Perform water aerobics in waist deep or chest deep water and utilize weights to tone your body. Below are instructions and tips on how to perform water aerobics exercises.

  • Warm up. Perform walking laps for 5-10 minutes before you perform the actual aqua aerobics. Like aerobics on ground, walking laps will loosen your muscles so they will be prepared during stretching. Move your arms as you perform your warm up to loosen your back and shoulder muscles. Pull a leg behind until it touches your buttocks so you can stretch your lower body. Put a hand over your knee then lunge your other leg behind you. Lift your foot off the ground and plant your heel to stretch your calf muscles. Each stretch must be at least 8 seconds. Now, perform it on the other side of your body.
  • Jog/Walk. Jog or walk in place. This will increase your heart rate depending on the speed of your steps. Your instructor might play music to get you in rhythm.  Water works well against your muscles so you will build resistance. As you perform the workout, your resistance to water will also increase. Move your arms in the water like you are marching to intensify your training. You can also do bicep curls or use water weights as you jog or walk in place. Perform this activity at least a minute per session. Make repetitions if possible.
  • Jumping jacks. It is less jarring in water compared than doing it on the ground. You will increase your heart rate and increase your stamina while working your arms and outer thighs. Perform 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions to boost your heart rate. You can modify the activity by performing single leg jacks or stepping side by side if you are just a beginner. Observe how your body reacts to determine the intensity of jumping jacks exercise that’s right for you.
  • Kicks.  Execute alternating kicks. It works well for the front of your thighs. Interchange back kicks with front kicks that resemble working back and front leg kicks in kickboxing.  Add punches and jabs to involve your upper body in the activity. You will feel the intensity of the exercise in your butt. To boost the intensity, use water weights. Perform this exercise at one minute per session.
  • Water squats. This will work well with your inner thighs. Stand with feet apart. Turn your feet into a plie posture. Put your hands on your hips then lower and raise your body gradually. Use hand weights and perform bicep curls while lifting your body. To workout your butt, stand with feet and shoulder width apart. Make a sitting and lifting motion by pushing your buttocks back. Perform 3 squat sets with 8-10 repetitions per set.

Improve your cardiovascular health and strength by performing water aerobics exercises. You will increase your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility easily. Consult your physician before doing any aqua aerobics.


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