How To Plan Daily Workouts on an Elliptical Exercise Machine

Tired of the usual exercise bike? Burn more calories with an elliptical exercise machine! This elliptical exercise machine is a gift from the gods for those who want to combine the impact of running without having to hurt the feet too much with ground contact, while offering the body shaping the exercise bikes and static stretches can help achieve.

This machine is best when it is maximized, properly used, etc. You might think that since there are basically the same functions and movements in an elliptical trainer, an elliptical workout may be stale or repetitive. Aside from checking out the elliptical review websites to check how other users do their routine, you might have to devise your own ways to make use of the elliptical treadmill in the way that suits you best.

  1. Intensity intervals matter. You can’t always come on strongly on the elliptical machine. Your body also needs some down time for renewal and rejuvenation of muscles. For example, you may have intense speeds in using the elliptical trainer three times a week, and then in between you do yoga sessions to balance and create an intensity rhythm.
  2. Match your workouts with other forms of physical exercise. No matter how attractive your elliptical trainer is (especially during winter when not much can be done outdoors), variety remains to be the spice of life, even workout life!
  3. Alternately exercise the different regions of the body. There are two general areas being worked on by the elliptical machine: upper body and lower body. You can begin planning your workout by alternating these two regions so that you get the best of everything. Should you always want a full body workout, you can mix the elliptical machine workout with another. For example, if you are working out the upper extremities with the elliptical machine for that day, you can take a hike in the afternoon for the lower body.
  4. Always consider—Endurance versus Impact. You can have some days where you move more slowly and let the calories burn slowly in each stretch at the elliptical machine. Then you can mix that with days where you workout for less time but with more force or impact in your movements.
  5. Use the reverse principle. If you are used to exercising it in a single direction, try reversing your movements from time to time so that both the right and left parts of your body get equal love and pain.
  6. What you eat is what you work out. Your eating habits are a big consideration for your elliptical workout. You need to make sure that you have enough carbohydrates for intense sessions with the elliptical machine.
  7. Put your elliptical workout in the entire context of your overall health routines. Health does not just come in the elliptical machine workout. You also need to consider your work, your stress levels and your lifestyle options to make sure that you are designing your elliptical workout the right way.


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