How To Plan Weight Machine Workouts

Not everyone can spend a huge amount of time inside a weight room doing full body workouts. With other things to do in this busy world, in fact some people just can’t find the time to lift some weights and care for themselves. Free weights can be tough especially for starters as this kind of physical workout requires practice.

The solution to this is the weight machine workout. These are normally found clustered in gyms and take huge spaces due to the machines' size and build. Weight machines offer a huge benefit to your body workout by providing you with increased physical training without the hassles of changing weight plates. In fact, these machines are designed to target multiple muscle areas with very minimal interventions. You can basically move from one machine to the other to get the results you need.

It is very important to plan your body workouts especially when you don’t have the luxury of time. It all starts from your preparations before heading out to the gym. It is highly recommended that you eat healthy food so you can perform much and last till your workout ends. If you’re taking supplements or energy boosters, carefully follow the instructions as per the ingestion time prior to working out to get the most out of these supplements.

The advantage of weight machines over free weights is that most of the time you don’t need an extra hand or a spotter with you during your session. However, if you’re just starting to get the hang of things, it is advisable to get someone to teach you the basics and the proper way to handle each machine types and what these machines are for.  Doing so would benefit you in the long run so be patient with it.

Another good thing about these weight machines is that even beginners can use them with ease. In fact, no mater how complicated one weigh machine appears, you can easily get used to it after a while. This is primarily the reason these machines were born anyway. Not only that, these machines also let you train specific muscle groups before advancing to free weights later on. Though fitness experts say these weight machines don’t really provide the same body workout as with free weight, it is still a good foundation to start with. There are, however, weight machines designed for advanced players that provide a ranked up weight-lifting workout.

For added resistance and better body workout, it is also important that you don’t just sit on a machine that targets one specific muscle group. There are weight machines that allow compounding movement. These are the types that build two or more muscle groups at a time. Not only does this make your training much effective, it also saves you more time in the gym.

Watching the order of your workout is also a must to be able to last your workout session. The basic rule of thumb is to not do biceps and triceps workout until later in your training as stressing these muscle groups may just cause you an early out in the gym. Leave ab workouts after strenuous exercises like leg presses of some heavy lifting to make your movements stabilized during your workout session too.

With all of these different machines available, it’s easy to forget about monitoring your workout progress so it’s best if you keep a workout log that contains your diet, workout schedule and training progress.


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