How To Prepare a Client for a Massage

Preparing a client for his scheduled massage is vital to ensure that he gets exactly what he pays for. Since a massage is an intimate activity where clients must release an adequate level of inhibition, a massage therapist will need to do some maneuvering to break the ice. By breaking the ice and tailoring the conditions and environment to ensure the client of total relaxation, you can encourage him to trust that he is literally in good hands. A good massage therapist will follow certain procedures and guidelines to correctly prepare a client for the perfect massage.

  1. Introduce yourself and shake hands. When you enter the room and see your client, the first and proper thing you should do is to introduce yourself and shake his hand. Remember to say your name clearly and proceed by asking him how he is feeling at that moment. At the same time, offer to shake his hand. If he accepts, shake his hand firmly. Since your arrangement is purely professional, you should act the part. A good hand shake is a good start to exude professionalism.
  2. Converse with your client. Some people like to chat away with their massage therapist while others keep silent. When you enter the room and introduce yourself, try to figure out if your client will be the chatty type or the mysterious silent type. If he is the chatty type, then continue to engage in conversation with him. A good conversation may add to his total relaxation. If he is the silent type, then do not initiate unnecessary conversation.
  3. Clarify the type and length of the massage. After you introduce yourself, shake his hands, and finish the pleasantries and small talk, you will need to continue the professionalism by letting him know the type of massage you will be doing. If you want him to select the different massage styles that you can do, then ask him clearly. Make sure to explain each massage if he asks you to. When he chooses the massage style, relay to him the maximum duration of the massage.
  4. Ask the client for preferences. Before starting the massage, ask the client if he has specific areas that he would want you to focus on. In addition, remember to ask your client if he has any medical conditions that you should know that can affect the massage. You will need to ask your client if he would like any background music during the massage as well. Another aspect of the massage that you will need to confirm is the preference of oils and fragrances. Have the client to select the oil and fragrances to be used.
  5. Entertain questions. Clients, especially first timers, may have questions regarding the service you are providing. It is important that you are able to answer any questions thrown at you. Furthermore, if you entertain your client, it can add to him liking and trusting you.

Preparing your client the same way as stated above will ensure that your client will enjoy and relax for the duration of the massage. At the same time, the chances of your client coming back for more will significantly increase.


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