How To Prepare for an Enema

Preparing for enema

Enemas are a cheap and easy way to cleanse the bowels and prevent constipation. They can be performed in the quiet and privacy of your own home, but performing an enema requires some serious preparation. Fluid is flushed into the bowels so that they can be cleansed of all dirt and other impurities and waste matter. The fluid helps shake up all the remaining fecal matter inside the bowels such that they are cleansed of toxins as well.

One will have to decide if he can perform the enema on his own or if he will need any assistance in the first place. The sick and the elderly will surely need assistance in this case. Consulting with a doctor will help ensure whether one can do it on his own or if he will need any assistance.

  • Read and study on how enemas do their job. There are many different varieties of enemas, but they all work in the same manner. A bottle or a bag is usually where the enema solution is contained. A rubber tubing and a nozzle are necessary in order to transport the enema fluid into the bowels. There are also enema kits that may be purchased from drugstores. Just make sure to read all the instructions before performing the actual enema.
  • Select the best type of enema with which you think you will be comfortable. The home kits that are purchased are a bit more expensive. You can make your own home kit, which will be cheaper in the long run. Thereafter, choose the best enema fluid. Although warm water is the common flushing agent, you can also make use of vinegar, organic coffee, garlic and other herbal ingredients.
  • Prepare a lubricant that will be used for the nozzle if the nozzle becomes difficult to insert in the rectum. Lubricants such as KY jelly, Astroglide and Vaseline are readily available in stores. Enema kits purchased in drugstores normally come with a small tube of lubricant already.It is also important that you relax just before administering an enema. Additional tension will just make it difficult both for the person to whom the enema will be administered and to the person who will administer the enema, if there will be an assistant.
  • For patients who are about to be given a barium enema, their colon must be very clean. Patients are normally put on a liquid diet one day prior to the enema. Thereafter, flushing of the intestines can be done, either through the use of a saline enema or irritant laxatives such as Castor oil.

For patients who wish to experience regular enemas it is best that they also change their diet or eating habits. It is said that the bowels of regular red meat eaters or of those who eat meats like steak on a regular basis have crowded bowels – that their bowels almost have no clear space anymore. A change in lifestyle, particularly eating habits, would be best in this case.


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