How To Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery

Having your vision permanently corrected with LASIK eye surgery can be one of the most important (and scary) decisions you'll ever make. But if you are going ahead with this cutting-edge eye surgery, you should take steps to ensure that you are properly prepared, both emotionally and physically, for the surgery. Here are some tips to help you prepare for LASIK eye surgery.

Step 1

Get the necessary time off. In order to properly recover from your LASIK eye surgery, you should schedule at least a few days off of work. Immediately following your surgery, you will need to give your eyes a few days of rest. You don't want to strain them after LASIK surgery by making them focus on a computer screen or paperwork. As well, you don't want to expose your eyes to the millions of tiny particles of debris that your colleagues shuffle around your office all day. Take a few days off to sit in the comfort of your own home to give your eyes a much-needed chance to recover.

Step 2

Go ‘au natural'. You shouldn't go into LASIK eye surgery with any more products on your body than necessary. Any personal product could get into your eyes during surgery, which could cause you to have a major infection. So stop using body products a day or two before your LASIK eye surgery. That means no makeup, no perfumes, no lotions and no creams. Even if it's not near your face, it could get on your hands which are always near your face. You need to have your skin as natural as possible, especially around your face, on the day of the surgery.

Step 3

Arrange for a ride. You won't be able to drive for a little while after your LASIK eye surgery. So you will need to bring your partner or a friend with you who can drive you home after your surgery. LASIK eye surgery is a day surgery, meaning after your surgery, you'll only stay for a few hours (at most) before being discharged. If you have other commitments to drive to for the few days following your surgery, ensure that you make prior arrangements to have someone else do the driving for you as your eyes continue to heal from LASIK eye surgery.

Step 4

Eat a light, healthy meal. LASIK eye surgery doesn't require that you fast or stop eating prior to your surgery. But you should still only eat a light meal on the morning of your surgery. And make it a healthy one so that you won't start the day with a queasy stomach before you even get into the operating room. You should be able to take your prescription drugs as normal on the day of your LASIK eye surgery, but talk to your surgeon to be sure.

Step 5

Wear something comfortable. As you're getting dressed on the morning of your surgery, put on something comfy. You might not see the need now, but after your surgery you'll be thankful that you're in something comfortable. (Take special care to ensure that the top you choose to wear won't interfere with how your head lays while you're under the laser. Avoid anything bulky.) Casual, stretchy clothes are best when you're preparing for LASIK eye surgery.

Step 6

Take a deep breath. You may be nervous, but LASIK eye surgery has few complications. Throughout your preparation, just relax and think about how great it will be to do away with your glasses and contacts after your LASIK eye surgery.


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