How To Prepare for Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

Having trouble sleeping does not always mean you have insomnia. Maybe you are only stressed or troubled or have so many issues to think of. But that does not mean you are suffering from insomnia. That is why most patients who only have trouble sleeping are usually prescribed with sleeping aids such as a sleeping tablet or certain physical exercises for sleeping. But most doctors will recommend that you should be taking sleeping pills.

Taking sleeping pills does not also mean you have insomnia. Before, sleeping pills were part of sleeping aids and sleeping medications for those suffering insomnia, but because of the dangerous side effects of taking sleeping pills, doctors instead recommend weaker sleeping tablets.

Although that is the case, you cannot get some sleeping pills as non-prescription or over-the-counter drugs. If you want to buy these, you should always ask for a prescription from the doctor. Yes, there are some sleeping aids that are non-prescription and over the counter. But these are not as effective in helping you with short-term trouble sleeping.

So, the ending is you’ll have to seek the doctor’s advice and get some sleeping aids. Along with taking them is suffering from some side effects. It’s important that you know these side effects before you even think of taking sleeping pills. For sure, you know that over-dosage and even taking just the prescribed amount of pills might cause death.

Common sleeping pill side effects

People who are not suffering any serious health conditions will only suffer a burning feeling or tingling in the legs, feet, arms, and hands. They may also have less appetite and might suffer constipation or diarrhea.

There will also be difficulty in keeping balance, dizziness, and drowsiness, which are all connected to the real effect of sleeping pills—making you fall asleep.

Although sleeping pills can help you have a restful sleep, they will also cause dry mouth, headache, heartburn, stomach tenderness or pain, and weakness during the day. Your hands or some parts of your body might shake uncontrollably as well. And, you might have unusual dreams when you sleep with sleeping pills.

Serious sleeping pills side effects

Parasomnia is one of the most harmful side effects of sleeping pills. This condition makes you do actions and certain behaviors without your control and awareness. You are asleep while doing some actions like eating, having sex, making a phone call, and even driving a car. You will do all these without your knowing and while your brain tells you that you are peacefully sleeping.

Usually, parasomnias only happen when you take more than the required dosage of the sleeping pills. That is why you should only increase dosage if the doctor tells you to.

Sleeping aids allergies

Some people may develop allergic reactions to sleeping pills. You should immediately stop taking sleeping pills and talk to your physician if you have noticed chest pain, blurred vision, breathing difficulty, or throat closing.

Other signs of allergic reactions to sleeping aids are hives, itching, nausea, hoarseness, rash, pounding heartbeat, vomiting, breath shortness, and swelling.

Sleeping pills can surely give you that restful sleep you need every night. But taking this for long can possibly develop tolerance and dependence on the pills. That is why you should only follow the doctor’s prescription. If not, you might develop parasomnias, which could lead you to killing others or killing yourself while you’re in a sleeping state.  


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