How To Prevent a Hangover with Vitamin B Complex

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You’ve probably heard of the terms Vitamin B complex, and you’re also likely aware that it poses great health benefits. But did you know that you could also prevent a hangover with it?

Once thought to be one vitamin (in much the same way as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are), Vitamin B actually refers to eight distinct vitamins that are found together in food. That’s why they are now correctly referred to as Vitamin B complex. The vitamins that are included in this family of vitamins are the following: vitamin B1 or thiamine; vitamin B2 or riboflavin; B3 or niacin; B5 or pantothenic acid; B6 or pyridoxine; B7 or biotin; B9 or folic acid; and B12 or cobalamins.

The health benefits of the vitamin B complex include increased metabolism; enhancement of the nervous and immune systems; and the promotion of healthy skin and muscles. Sources of vitamin B complex include meat and fish products, potatoes, bananas, and beans.

As mentioned, vitamin B could also help you prevent hangover. However, it’s better if you start your prevention even before you start indulging in alcohol. If you have a big party coming up, you may want to anticipate the possibility that you’d drink alcohol, so you should start at the beginning of the day to cushion your body from alcohol’s harshest impacts. Here are some of the ways to effectively prevent a hangover with vitamin B complex:

  1. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Dehydration aggravates the discomfort one feels during a hangover, so remedy the situation by drinking up – water, that is.
  2. Take a vitamin B complex supplement after breakfast. This will help effectively speed up your metabolism, which will cause the fast breaking down of the alcohol that you will consume later in the day. This will in turn help flush down the toxins from the alcohol at a faster rate.
  3. Know how to drink your alcohol. When it’s party time already, it really pays to know how to drink so that you won’t suffer much the day after. First, you should never drink on an empty stomach. Second, try to consume less than one drink per hour. This will enable your body to keep up, plus the fact that you took a vitamin B complex supplement earlier that day means that your metabolism will be faster. A good tip related to this is to drink water after every alcoholic drink, so that you could also avoid dehydration.
  4. Take another vitamin B supplement at the middle of the party. Drinking alcohol will cause your body to lose this very important nutrient, so be sure to bring a supplement with you. Or if fruits are served at that party, help yourself to some bananas.
  5. After the party, take another vitamin B supplement, and drink about two more glasses of water. This will help your body metabolize the alcohol during your sleep, plus you’re helping your body by further  hydrating it. Do not take coffee, as this may dehydrate your body even more. Also, avoid taking meds like Ibuprofen or aspirin as this could cause damage to your liver

There you have it! These are just some steps to follow to prevent a hangover with vitamin B complex. After all the party’s over and you’re back at home, you’d be glad you took all these measures. Good luck!


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