How To Prevent Diverticulitis

There are ways to prevent types of illnesses that plague the digestive tract, like diverticulitis. If you can avoid the external elements that can cause this type of illness, it is advisable to take precautionary measures than be sorry later. Think through these tips and follow accordingly to help you prevent diverticulitis:

  1. Load up on fiber enriched foods. Fiber is a natural anti-oxidant that helps flush the toxins in your body. Ingesting more fiber foods will more likely prevent diverticula from forming in the first place. Preventive care is the most recommended way to avoid diverticulitis. Fiber helps the colon detoxify and clean it as well. Fiber foods include whole wheat grain foods like wheat bread, cereals and oatmeal. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to compliment your fiber diet. Even if you do stock up on fiber, you should always maintain a balanced diet.
  2. Avoid food that has small seeds like tomatoes and popcorn. It does not necessarily mean you do not eat tomatoes anymore. Just minimize your intake of these small seedy foods. Sesame seeds can be a potential food that can cause diverticulitis since it is somewhat seedy. Sesame seeds on breads or sesame seed in biscuits can be sources too. Do not over indulge in these kinds of seedy foods.
  3. If you should eat meat, avoid the red meat. Go for the white meat or chicken meat. But do not over indulge in meat because it does not minimize the risk of developing diverticulitis even if you eat white meat. Fish can be a healthy alternative but excessive indulgence may produce the same result. It is always best to be in moderation when eating meat.
  4. Water can be essential to flush out toxins in your body. Drink lots of water to lessen the contents of the gut moister. Water decreases the pressure on the colon as the colon tries to cleanse your body of toxins. An average of 8 glasses of 250ml amount of water should be the recommended amount a person should drink in a day. So drink up and clean your body naturally.
  5. Get plenty of exercise. There had been studies that diverticulitis often develops in people who barely exercise. You can do simple exercises like walking or running every three or four times a week. Vigorous exercises can help regulate your bowel movements and keep you from getting frequent constipation. Exercising does help your blood circulation and your cardio health running in good condition as well.
  6. Always remember to have your doctor check up on you annually. Do not forget that your doctor is the best person to see and diagnose if you are in good shape. Always follow your doctor's advice for any irregularities that you may feel that is somehow related to your diverticula.
  7. In digestive health, it matter how you eat or the position when you are eating. When you start eating, eat without stress or distractions. You can choose a place to eat where there are lesser distractions and can give you a relaxed ambiance. Do not eat too fast. Your position when eating should be sitting down and not standing up.

Digestive health is just as important as your cardio health or other organs. Sometimes digestive related illnesses are hard to diagnose and are often without symptoms. Since it is in a rather "hidden" part of your body, you will have to enlist the help of medical professionals to assess your digestive health.


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