How To Prolong Your Sex Life

Generally, those who talk about spiritualism or religious discourses don't talk about sex. In most religions, sex is considered as a wrong or negative action, if not a sin. For this reason, many of those who devote their lives to the service of God keep themselves away from sex. However, ancient Indian saints and sages who gave great spiritual knowledge to mankind were all married. Their future generations also led ascetic lives and gave further spiritual knowledge; sex was not a taboo for them. This is because they were truly spiritual. They had realized Self and acted in accordance with what Self wanted. There were no religious dictates or inhibitions. So we should give up blind prejudices against sex and accept the virtues of sex.

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Here are some tips for prolonging your sex life. 

  1. Sex is a biological need - As water is needed to quench thirst, and food is needed to get rid of hunger, sex is needed to satisfy biological hungers of the body. As food gives energy and maintains health, sex gives health and happiness. All organs in the body should function (although within limits) so that the body shall remain fresh. If water of a well is not used for a long time, then it becomes toxic. So if semen is not used, it becomes toxic (which may cause some disease). So sexual secretions should leave the body intermittently.
  2. Sex is the basis of relationship - Sex is the basis of the relationship between husband and wife. A man and a woman get married and live together in a house. Although the minds of a husband and wife are not necessarily well matched, still they live together for enjoying a sexual life together. The fruits of sexual life are children. Husband, wife and children make a family and a home. A good relationship between husband and wife is very important for the stability and happiness of a family. A good sexual life and faith can create a strong relationship between husband and wife. So if sexual life shall be prolonged, married life shall be more enjoyable and enduring.
  3. Don't run after money, name and fame - A man who runs after money, name and fame gets little time for himself and for his wife. His body becomes exhausted by working and moving here and there for long hours outside. The body is exhausted and the mind is preoccupied with money, name and fame. So he has little sexual appetite. Women should not be too serious about their careers. They should be self-reliant and at the same time, look after ther families.
  4. Maintain health and get rid of disease - For maintaining health and to get rid of diseases, one has to take regular and timely food and timely rest. One should regularly do exercises and practice meditation and yoga in the interests of prolonging one's sex life.
  5. Come to your Self - Self is the true identity of an individual. It is a source of energy, peace and happiness. One who tries to realize Self comes to know the falsity of money, name and fame. True name and fame comes when one understands Self and understands the vagueness of the material world. Through understanding Self, one shall come to know that true happiness lies in human relationship and not in material relationship.
  6. Practice Chakrabhedan - Chakrabhedan is a yogic exercise where body parts/limbs are moved around chakras or joints. Joints are the places where secretions are held up. So by doing excercises around these joints, all secretions move smoothly and any problems with sexual secretions may be cured.

So sex is an important part of life and there should not be any religious inhibitions to enjoying one's sexual life. A healthy sex life maintains the relationship between husband and wife and thereby stabilizes the family. Sexual life should be prolonged in order to maintain the health and happiness of men and women.


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Dear Premansu,
Your advice that running after money, name and fame saps you of sexual urge is extremely true. For those destined to be great spiritual masters, Brahmacharya is a must according to Hinduism. And according to Sri Ramakrishna, preserving the vital fluid over a period of 12 years opens up Medha Nadi, which gives immense spiritual power. An informative post. I went and saw a couple of ads attached to your article, too.

By Anonymous