How To Quit Eating Sugar

Whether for a better built or a healthier body, cutting down your sugar intake will always help. Sugar is undoubtedly one of the reasons why we enjoy sweets like cakes and chocolates. But that sweetness comes with a price—extra calories that we don’t really need. Cutting down your sugar intake will help lessen your calorie level and in the long run will help you become slimmer and enjoy a healthier body. However, more than cutting down sugar, quitting it for good is much better.

The problem is, most people find it hard to quit eating sugar, especially as many products in our groceries today have sugar. The following tips can help you quit sugar:

  • Do it slowly. Most people are comfortable quitting something little by little. If you’re like that, then quit eating sugar deliberately. For now, stop adding sugar to your juice, coffee, or tea. Then later, stop consuming products with sugar.
  • Do it abruptly. Are you the kind of person who is more comfortable stopping something abruptly? If so, then totally quit eating sugar for good starting right now—from the obvious to the add-on sugars. Expect to experience some cravings after some days, though. But the more times you win over your temptations, the more steps you become closer to totally quitting eating sugar.
  • Get rid of it. The foods in your pantry speak about your diet. If you want to quit eating sugar, better start throwing away your sugar and foods with high-sugar content. On your next trip to the grocery, make sure you won’t buy these things. That way, you’ll have no other choice but to take alternative sweeteners or better food choices.
  • Have natural sweets. Our body is made to desire for sweets. This does not mean you have to stop trying to quit sugar, though. This only means you should store sweet foods that are natural like fresh and dried fruits, honey, and sugar-free alternatives. This way, you can still answer your tongue’s desire for sweets without consuming something bad for your health.
  • Be informed. Not only sugar but also chocolates, or other obvious sugar sources should be avoided. Sugar can come from not-so-obvious sources like some carbohydrates. White rice, white flour, and white breads may not be very sweet. But their composition breaks down into sugar, so it’s like eating sugar even if you are only eating white rice. There are better alternatives to these foods anyway like whole wheat breads and brown rice.
  • Picky eating out. The life of sugar quitters is very hard. One of the most difficult challenges is giving up eating out. You don’t really have to do that. When you eat out, ask the waiter to prepare food that is free of sugar. Many people do that, anyway, like the vegetarians, people who are allergic to some foods, or people with health issues. You don’t have to explain why you don’t like sugar in your food. They’ll understand your concern and they’ll be happy to customize your food.

It surely is hard to quit something you love. But remember, this is for a greater good. You’ll feel better inside and out once you become successful quitting sugar. Temptations will be along the way. Keep yourself determined and have someone to remind you about quitting sugar. That way, you will be stronger against temptations knowing that there is someone watching you. 


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