How To Read a Digital Scale

Using the household scale

Weighing and measuring are part of everybody's existence. The discovery of weighing and measuring things that can be traced back thousands of years ago. The evolution of weights to the invention of the modern scales are among man's greatest breakthroughs. Over the years scales have been used in laboratories, hospitals, businesses and households to measure weight of individuals, animals, food and many other substances.

Digital scales make weighing very easy. At home, you can use a bathroom scale or weight scale to precisely monitor your body weight especially if you are undergoing a structured program for gaining or losing weight. A kitchen scale will also help you to measure dry and liquid ingredients for very accurate recipes like cakes or pastries. It is a powerful tool for chefs, people who are learning to cook and those who are keeping track of their diet. Certain food scales are also very helpful particularly to those who are following a dietary or nutritional plan. A food scale not only measures the weight of your food but it also displays nutritional facts like cholesterol, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber and total fat. A matching body fat scale is also very handy if you are on a fitness regimen. A body fat scale weighs the percentage of body fat through a process called bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Digital scales provide more features and accuracy compared to the older analog scales. They come in various sizes and most of them are portable. Because of its bright LCD display, reading measurements is very easy and no special skill is needed in order to operate it. The following are easy steps to follow in reading a digital scale for every substance or object you weigh.

  1. Every digital scale has a user's manual upon purchase. Read the instructions prior to testing your scale as it has the specific guidelines on how to operate your digital scale, from inserting batteries, reading measurements, to keeping them in good condition.
  2. A digital scale measures in pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms. Some precision scales provide other weighing units depending on what the scale is for. For instance an ideal jewelry scale shows weights of carats used for gems and stones, troy ounces for precious metals and grains for gunpowder. Reading the measurement though regardless of what kind of scale you have is easy. All you need to do is place your object on the platform and the LCD screen will show you the specific measurement of your item. For instance, 5 kilograms will read 5kg.
  3. A digital scale also has a tare feature. This allows you to weigh substances that cannot be placed directly on the platform of the scale. For instance, you place a container, bowl or cup on the platform and press the "tare" button. Your digital scale removes the weight of the container so you can fill in the container with substance that you wish to weigh. You can repeat pressing the tare button in case you need to place additional substances. Pressing the tare button will only reset the digital scale's display to zero.

A digital scale can be purchased over the Internet. Numerous online stores offer different kinds of scales and you can browse forums and post reviews from other consumers. You can also find digital scales from electronic stores and department stores like Wal-mart.


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