How To Read Auras and Chakras

The human body is much more than just organs and systems.  It is also a huge conductor of electricity and electromagnetic energy.  Every day there are people moving beyond the body's physical limitations and entering into the world of the spiritual and unseen; at least unseen by the naked eye.  Each one of us carries our own electromagnetic energy, or magnetic field.  Some call it vibration and some call it aura or chakra.  Aura is the energy field emitted by a human being and is represented by a particular color.  Each Color means something different.  For example a person with a red aura may perhaps be someone who is always of high energy, a fighter or someone deeply troubled by rage and greed; whereas a white aura, by contrast, is someone who by nature is tranquil, pure and peaceful.

Another form of electromagnetic energy is the Chakra. While Auras can be seen as the electromagnetic energy surrounding us, chakras can be described as specific energy centers.  There are seven chakras centers which hold the key to perfect health and vitality.  Like the color of the aura, each chakra is also associated with a particular color and the color of the chakra indicated its health and condition. Chakra, aura and electromagnetic energy healings are an integral part of Eastern healing practices.

How to Read Auras and Chakras

  1. In order to be able to see auras and chakras one must first be clean physically and spiritually.  Fasting and internal cleansing of the body is the first step to being able to accurately read auras and chakras.
  2. It takes time to be able to see auras and chakras so it is important to practice deep breathing exercises every day. Deep breathing exercises allow you to master the breath of life in order to be able to see past the physical and into the unseen realm.
  3. When you have cleansed your mind and body of impurities and mastered your breathing then you can begin to embark upon the noble pursuit of reading auras and chakras.
  4. You will need the following: A candle (preferably one without glass around it), a comfortable chair, a dark room.
  5. Light the candle.
  6. Dim the lights in a quiet room.
  7. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands positioned on your lap.
  8. Begin by taking 10 sets of deep breaths and holding for as long as you can, then exhaling slowly. Keep your eyes closed until breathing exercises are complete.
  9. Open your eyes and concentrate on the candle flame. You should be able to see different colors around the candle flame.
  10. Practice this exercise until you are able to see the aura and chakra colors of any human being or object just by looking.


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