How To Recognize Tooth Enamel Loss

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Tooth enamel loss is now being considered as a growing problem for both old and young people alike. Some cities have even taken steps to ensure the dental health of their residents by adding fluoride into their water system. While tooth enamel is the hardest substance which can be found in the body due to its ninety-six percent mineral composition, the acids left in the mouth after food intake can erode the mostly mineral substance of teeth, causing dental caries or cavities to form.

People nowadays are made more aware of the importance of the proper care for teeth than in the past, but despite this, more and more people still neglect to care for their teeth in favor of other things. Small children are known to be naturally stubborn against brushing teeth; some people are more interested in their careers, or in body ornaments like bracelets, earrings, pins and rings than in taking care of the body itself; retired couples enjoying their halcyon days usually have other things to care about other than teeth.

Excuses about busy schedules which make proper dental care impossible reflect the general impatience and carelessness of a society which mostly takes dental health for granted until a tooth starts to hurt. Remember that the teeth are a body’s natural jewels. A smile might even be the best feature of some people. There’s no need for gift ideas involving bracelets and other jewelry to make girls with beautiful smiles appear more beautiful. So work on keeping that smile wonderfully intact. Here are a few points which can help you recognize and prevent tooth enamel loss before it becomes a more serious matter:

  • Watch what you eat. Food and drinks which contain high sugar levels can cause a build-up of lactic acid within your mouth. This can lower the pH level in your mouth and make you more prone to tooth enamel loss. You can prevent damage to your teeth by brushing your teeth. Too much use of toothpicks can actually also cause the outer enamel of your teeth to wear down more quickly, so it’s not advisable to keep cleaning your mouth with toothpicks. Use a toothpick only if you have a persistent bit of food stuck between your teeth, and not as a mode of cleaning your teeth regularly. If possible, dispense with using toothpicks and just brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Break habits such as teeth grinding and chewing on objects. Habits such as teeth grinding or chewing on pencils, pens or nails can lead to fractured teeth and enamel loss. Chipped or fractured teeth cause the underlying dentin to be exposed, and you might need the dentist to fill it up for you before the damage on the tooth grows even more severe.
  • Check for receding gums and heightened tooth sensitivity. Gum disease or the improper brushing of teeth can also lead to tooth enamel loss and cause gums to recede. There can also be an increase in sensation as hot and cold from food or drinks get through to the nerves more quickly without the protection of tooth enamel. If you notice receding gums or heightened tooth sensitivity, get a dentist to look at your teeth.

There are also special toothpastes and mouthwashes which have sodium fluoride in them to help in building up enamel. If you’re concerned about enamel loss, you can use these products to help you feel more at ease.


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