How To Recover from a Herniated Disk

So, you have the misfortune of having a herniated disk. There is no question you are and will be uncomfortable for a bit, but there are certain things you can do to help yourself recover.

Make sure you rest. You need plenty of rest to recover. Your bed should be firm, but not too firm. If it is not firm enough, you can place a board of wood under your bed to help. It is not necessary for you to lay flat in bed. Try raising your legs to take away some of the pressure. If you need, you can place a pillow under your knees to raise your legs slightly. Never lay on your stomach. If you do end up on your side, place a pillow between your legs. This will help align your back better than if there was no pillow between your knees. You must get in and out of bed the same way every time. To get out of bed lie on your side and push yourself up to a sitting position. Reverse the directions to get into bed.

Since you will be spending a lot of time on your back, you need to make sure you do not get constipated. Constipation can cause unwanted strain on your back and prolong the recovery. Make sure you are eating fruits, vegetables, and fiber. It might even be necessary to increase your fruit, vegetable, and fiber consumption. You do not want to put pressure on your spine.

While you are recovering it is not uncommon for you to get random and painful muscle spasms. There are over the counter muscle relaxants, but it is suggested that you talk to your physician to get some prescribed.

Make sure to take deep breaths to reduce pressure on your diaphragm. You need to relax. Do whatever you need to keep your mind away from your current situation. Some people like using hot and cold pads to alleviate pain. You will have to play around to see what works best for you.

Once you are able to get out of bed, wear a brace for back support. Do not sit in one place for too long. You want to stretch your back. Avoid quick movements. This can cause unwanted pain and set you back some time. Practice stretching. Yoga is fantastic for this.


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