How To Relieve Baby Gas Pain at Home

Can’t understand why your baby is crying so loudly? You just changed the diaper and she just finished her bottle. Have you checked her tummy? Maybe she is suffering from a baby gas problem, which causes pain.

You surely know how it feels to have lots of gas trapped in the stomach. It is painful, and your baby feels the same way. Don’t worry if that happens again to your baby. Help relieve her baby gas pain right in the comfort of your home. Below are some tips helpful to relieve baby gas pain:

  • Medication. Ask your baby’s pediatrician for an effective medication designed for relieving baby gas. Brands like Little Tummies and Mylicon are only few of the medications you can try. You can also try simethicone, sodium bicarbonate, fennel, dill, and other essential oils. Most of these are topical treatments, though. Whatever you try, make sure to never give your baby any medication without asking approval from her pediatrician.
  • Burping. Did you forget to burp your baby? Do this every after feeding. Sucking baby formula or breast milk can cause trapped air bubbles in the tummy. These air bubbles can be released by burping.
  • Massage. Sometimes, there are gases that have to be broken down before they can be released. If you have already burped your baby and still nothing happens, better try to massage her. Help her lie on her tummy and gently rub her back using circular motion.
  • Warm damp cloth. Damp a clean washcloth with warm water. Check the cloth if its warmth is safe for the baby. Then place it on your baby’s tummy. The warmth will help comfort and sooth her cramped tummy and finally release the stomach gas.
  • Leg exercise. Move the baby’s legs toward her tummy and back to straight position. Do this gently and observe if the baby is convenient doing this exercise. Moving the legs will help move the tummy gas through the baby’s belly.
  • Tummy press. Lightly press your baby’s tummy. You can use baby oil to do this. Pressing the tummy will help break up the gas and release it.

As always, prevention is better than relief. One way to help your baby is to check what you are eating. The foods you eat affect the quality of your breast milk. Better lower down your intake of citrus fruits, dairy by-products, soy products, and peanuts. These foods’ composition can pass through the breast and affect the breast milk.

Try all these to relieve your baby’s gas. But if after doing all these and nothing happens, you better check with her pediatrician. Maybe your baby is not suffering from gaseous tummy. Maybe it’s something else. Your baby’s pediatrician can determine the culprit causing your baby’s painful stomach.

Again, before you try any of these, it is still safer to check with your doctor. Sometimes, what seems safe can be dangerous for some babies. Only your pediatrician can give a go signal for a perfectly safe way to relieve baby gas pain.


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