How To Relieve Back Pain Through Reflexology

Massaging back

Despite the invention of fancy medical devices and drugs, still the body hungers for natural ways to heal itself. Reflexology is one of the old medical practices that have gained popularity in recent years. This is a natural healing process based on stimulating reflexes in the hands and feet. Every reflex in the hands and feet corresponds to a certain organ or gland. No wonder many people suffering frequent back pain have been relieved through reflexology.

You too can feel relieved by massaging certain points of your hands and feet. Massaging the hands and feet is not that dangerous, anyway. Here are the things you have to follow when doing reflexology to relieve back pain:

Relax. Reflexology is done once the patient is already relaxed. You can either sit down on a comfy chair or lie on something cozy. Most people choose sitting up on a chair, though. The important thing is that you are comfortable of your position. Besides position, another way to relax is to close your eyes and take deep and slow breaths. You can think of happy and serene thoughts to help in the relaxation. Soothing music and maybe a calm aroma can help you relax better.

Initial massage. It’s okay to apply oil on the hands and feet but it is better not to. The friction will help target the right reflex for relieving back pain. Start massaging the feet. Start with one foot. Put pressure on the toes up to the heel. Move your thumb slowly to the middle of the foot until the thumb reaches the heel. Do this as many times as you please. Add pressure as you add repetitions of the initial massage.

Targeting reflex. It is recommended that you study the reflexology chart before you do this. That will give you a clear illustration of how to perform reflexology to yourself or another person. For back pain, the reflex to concentrate on is the zone 1. This is located at the big toe. Massage using low pressure on a rotating friction. This zone affects your spinal cord.

If you have lower back pain, you should concentrate massaging on the lower part of your feet. For upper back, you should concentrate on the upper feet. For shoulder pain, concentrate massaging on your smallest toe. That will lessen shoulder pain.

Do this simple massage at least three times a week to enjoy longer and better benefits. You should study reflexology further. That will be helpful in case you feel pain in other parts of your body. Try to do it on yourself first if you are a beginner before you do the massaging to another person.

If you are not that confident to do reflexology on yourself, then you better hire a professional to do that. You can either visit their clinics or ask them to visit you. Once you’ve learned the technique from them, you can already start applying it to yourself. Besides, reflexology is not only for relieving back pain. It will benefit you more than just easing your body pain.


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