How To Relieve Knuckle Pain with Massage

Knuckle pain is common among people who work constantly in front of the computer. But people with other issues may suffer from knuckle pain as well. Do not worry so much if you are experiencing this. There are many ways to relieve knuckle pain. Massage is one of your safest yet most effective ways to get knuckle pain relief. But how should you massage the painful knuckle?

DIY Massage

The trick to relieve knuckle pain is by loosening the “tangled” joints. Using heat can help a lot. There are many sources of massage heat. Try massage oil. You can buy it from drugstores or grocery stores. Make sure to read the brand’s label before using what you’ve chosen. If not, you can use a bottle filled with hot water.

Once the affected hand has received heat, you can already start massaging the joints using small circular motion. Close your hands so the knuckles will stand out. This way, you can massage the knuckles better. Do the massage until your knuckles feel better.

Never wash the massaged hands with cold water right away. Veins in the hands might become numb and the knuckle might become painful again.

Professional Massage

Massaging your own knuckles is not that dangerous. But it may not be that effective for your unique condition. If after you have massaged yourself and pain still persists, you better call a professional. A chiropractor is well-educated and well-trained to perform massages for relieving any physical pain.

Check the chiropractor’s certificate or license to help patients. It’s best to get recommendations from people you know.

Other Ways

Aside from massage, you can also find relief to knuckle pain through other ways. Here are some remedies worth a try to end your knuckle pain:

  • Pain relievers. Obviously, the first thing in mind for any physical pain is using pain reliever. Using ointment can ease knuckle pain. Different brands are out there but they work similarly—they block the pain sensation from your nerves. Most pain relievers can block pain for at most eight hours. Better pain relievers are available but these have high chemical dosage that will require prescription from the doctor.
  • Warm salty water. Prepare warm water and add salt to it. Soak the hand with the painful knuckle in the salty water and enjoy being relieved.
  • Magnetic therapy. This Chinese therapy has been around for ages yet no medical proof can attest to its effectiveness. Despite that, using magnetic patches or using magnetic jewelries is surely worth a try. These products are available in different strengths, ideal for different levels of pain.

If nothing happens after doing all the relieving techniques above, then it’s best to see your doctor right away. There are cases of knuckle pain that need not just simple massage or other at-home therapy. If your case is worse, you might need to undergo surgery to correct your joints.

Preventing knuckle pain is still second to none. Exercising your hand joints after a hard day’s work will always help reduce the frequency of pain. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure,” even with a painful knuckle.


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