How To Remedy a Sluggish Thyroid

Stress is one of the major factors that contribute to a sluggish thyroid a.k.a. hypothyroidism. The thyroid located just below the Adam’s apple is a butterfly-shaped gland that secretes energy-giving hormones needed by the cells in the body. If not taken care of properly, this gland can over-produce or under-produce hormones and make the body sick. For example, when your thyroid becomes sluggish, it under-produces the hormone needed by the body. The result of which are these following symptoms:

  • Depression.
  • Substantial weight gain.
  • Constant tiredness.
  • Memory gap.
  • Achy muscles.
  • Dry skin.
  • Brittle/Falling Hair.
  • Constipation.

If you are currently battling a sluggish thyroid, aside from getting the proper medical care, here are additional suggestions that can help you through it:

  1. Drink up to eight glasses of water a day. This daily ritual is essential for helping a sluggish thyroid recover and heal.
  2. Include Vitamin-B supplements and Calcium Magnesium in your daily dietary plan. Check with your doctor for the proper Vitamin-B and Calcium-Magnesium dosage that is needed to help you with your sluggish thyroid. Make sure you buy the ones that are organic and chemical-free.
  3. Pick your food properly. While dealing with a sluggish thyroid, it will serve you well to avoid fried and greasy food along with starchy carbohydrates, junk food, and soft drinks. Revolutionize the way you eat by going for organic and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit juices, lean meats, eggs, nuts, fish (tuna and salmon most especially), and green tea, the latter being filled with so much antioxidants. 
  4. Take some weed. Not the kind of Weed sold by Mary-Louise Parker on her TV show, silly. This weed is more like the kind that comes off Potions Class in the Harry Potter books. It’s called Bladderwack - a brown-colored seaweed that’s available in many organic food and health stores. Bladderwrack helps in getting your thyroid back on track. However, before stocking up on this, please consult your doctor especially if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mom.
  5. Exercise for 30 minutes everyday if you can. Or 4 times a week at the least. Start walking around the neighborhood, get on the treadmill, and take the stairs. The objective is to get 30 minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps a day to get your body the exercise it direly needs.
  6. Break your meals down in portions. Instead of taking the usual three square meals a day, break your food intake down to smaller servings and eat every couple of hours to jack up your metabolism.
  7. Take 15 minute-breaks during the course of the day. If a normal day for you is running around like a headless chicken all day meeting deadlines and other work-related activities, you’ve got to stop and sit down for at least 15 minutes to let your body and mind re-charge. Close your office door and then go to the office conference room, or anywhere you can do this. Listen to your body and rest between rushing. Your sluggish thyroid will thank you for it.

Getting your sluggish thyroid to recover will take some time so do all that you can to keep yourself healthy, rested, and happy.


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