How To Remedy a Sore Swollen Finger

A sore, swollen finger is mighty painful and can be caused by anything from a hangnail to a cuticle that was accidentally trimmed too close to the skin, a splinter, and calcium deposits that lead to painful arthritis.

Learn remedies for a hangnail, a splinter, and arthritis right here.

Remedy for hangnail:

1.    Don’t bite your nails. This nervous habit promotes hangnails that will worsen in time.

2.    Soak your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes. Avoid the compulsion to just rip the hangnail. This will lead to swelling and infection if done often. To get rid of the hangnail:

  • Soak your fingers in warm water for five minutes to soften the skin.
  • Then take a sterilized pair of the smallest scissors you can find and proceed to clip the hangnail. You can sterilize the scissor by placing it in a small aluminum kidney basin filled with boiling water or rubbing the scissors with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol.
  • Apply anti-bacterial ointment on the area where the hangnail used to be.

3.    Regularly rub your hands with moisturizing cream. To keep hangnails from coming back, regularly rub your hands with moisturizing cream – that’s morning, evening, and after hand washing.

4.    Get regular manicures. This will keep hangnails at bay.

Here’s remedy for a splinter:

1.    Check the swollen area for infection. If you see noticeable redness, feel tenderness, pooling of blood, and pain, the area is indeed infected. However, there is no need for you to immediately rush to the ER. You just have to remove the splinter with care.

2.    Wash your hands with anti-bacterial or a germicidal soap. During washing and rinsing, be careful not to add pressure on the already tender area in your finger.

3.    Dry your hand using clean hand towel.

4.    Go get a bottle of Povidone Iodine and cotton balls or a Q-Tip. Prepare the swollen finger for splinter extraction by disinfecting the affected area with cotton ball or Q-Tip soaked in Povidone Iodine. Proceed to apply the golden brown liquid into the swollen area. Let it dry.

5.    Try extracting the splinter using your thumb and forefinger. Press the swollen area using your thumb and forefinger to force the splinter out. If this doesn’t work, proceed to step #5.

6.    Sterilize a needle and a pair of tweezers. Pour boiling water into a small aluminum kidney tub and place the needle and tweezers in the water. Wait five minutes before taking these out of the water. Use protective gear so you won’t get scalded. As an alternative, you can also wipe the needle and tweezers with ethyl alcohol or Povidone Iodine.

7.    Proceed to use the needle and tweezers to take the splinter out. Use the needle to prick the affected area to loosen the skin the take the tweezers and slowly pry the splinter from the swollen area.

8.    Repeat the hand washing procedure. Once the splinter is out, wash your hands again with water and germicidal or anti-bacterial soap.

9.    Finally, re-apply Povidone Iodine. To make sure an infection does not happen, apply a thick layer of Povidone Iodine to the swollen area on your finger.

And finally for Arthritis:

1.    Rotate each finger for 120 seconds. Ask someone to do this for you. This will hurt at first but if you do this regularly, the pain will eventually subside. This rotating exercise encourages circulation and will get rid of calcium deposits that contribute to arthritis.

There you go. Three step-by-step remedies for most swollen finger culprits!


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